Monday, November 09, 2009

Caught in Audit But Any Action Taken?

Do you own a laptop (some call it notebook)? Do you know the general pricing for a laptop from a simple set-up up to a heavy duty laptop loaded with many latest softwares or accessories?

If you do read the newspapers, magazines or browse the internet, you would have noticed that the general pricing for a laptop is around RM2,000++ up to RM5,000++ (US$1 = RM3.40).

Would you have bought a laptop with a price tag of RM42,320? Even if you do, you would have asked for the specifications and will want to know what does the price cover.

But any person would have queried that price tag for sure because at RM42,320 you could buy a new local manufactured car. Any person who has no knowledge of the general pricing for a laptop would have sensed something wrong given the huge amount.

At RM42,320, you could purchase eleven good laptops fitted with good enough accesories / softwares.

Unfortunately, the person(s) who proposed, those that concurred and the one(s) that approved the purchase presented a very sad situation in Malaysia. They didn't only buy one but two! So they bought it at RM84,640 ........ could bring in a good and new Toyota or Honda car.

The best part, the purchase request happened at Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara Balik Pulau in the state of Penang. Bravo! I really wonder what had they been teaching in this college. In my company, the purchasing department is supposed to find out the pricing from various sources before deciding on the final supplier. That too, went through stringent approval levels.

Not only that, the same college has paid for PC monitor and laser printers at sky high prices. When asked of the abovesaid purchases the respond came in this manner - "The equipment were purchased in a lump sump and there was no price breakdown for the laptops. The price breakdown was only done after the equipment was supplied for the purpose assets record and it could not be used as a basis for reference."

What a good explanation and was that accepted by the Auditor-General? The Auditor-General Annual Report do highlight so many discrepancies and abuse of public funds but were there any actions taken on those people who had caused all this issues. Year in year out, it's just a show only. They have to be seen doing something lah.

If those purchases were done in the opposition-ruled states the various government agencies, under the control of the ruling government, would have gone for some lifes at all cost ............. if you know what I mean.

Reading: RM42,320 for a laptop - Star
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Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Taxpayer money need action. This is Malaysia Boleh!!!

11 November, 2009 14:28  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jasmine - u must also see who did it actually. some have so-called 'immunity'

07 December, 2009 23:17  

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