Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sharing of Holy Place

Religious conflicts and racist situations are normally not triggered by the common people. Deep down in many people's hearts, they wanted peace. But there are also other groups who are out to create disharmony.

One of those groups is the politicians and they could be found in any countries. Mainstream medias controlled by the politicians and governments will write about those conflicts and racist news so that they can divide and rule. Once they achieved that, they know that the people cannot come together to overthrow the government in a united force.

When I read this article on muslims and jewish sharing a holy place to pray, my heart melted. These two communities living in Reston of Virginia, USA can afford to share a synagogue and worked out a time table in order for them to use the place efficiently.

Can this happen in Malaysia?

Most probably not. That's how I view it personally. Not because I'm racist or having hatred for other religions but more so of knowing the Malaysian politicians. Be it from the ruling government or the oppositions, both sides will take the opportunity to create a big issue out of it in order to gain a political point. Religion and racial issues are the best bullets for the Malaysian politicians. Sadly, at the detriment of the general citizens.

To the members of both the All Dulles Area Muslim Society and Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, my salute to all of you for creating such a fine examples for all to follow.

Worldwide mainstream medias will write that the Middle East conflicts were due to two groups of people, i.e. muslims and jewish, that can't see eye to eye but when you go down to the life of those general citizens ...... they view and react differently, not as what have been written all this while.

I wonder whether readers who accidentally bumped into this blogpost will ridicule such happening and then start giving their religious remarks to say this is beyond their teachings and so forth. You fall into the next group of people after the politicians then.

Reading: US synagogue serves as mosque during Ramadan - Star
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Blogger lina said...

We used to have an open minded view, that's why you see religious buildings built in one area (mosque, temples, churches built side by side) but of late, I guess some Malaysians showed an extremist view of superiority about their religion and become somewhat intolerant. A pity.

13 December, 2009 11:24  
Blogger Ted said...

Its a very touching article really. Differences in opinions and beliefs should not end in violence or quarrels but i think our country should learn to see past all the politicking and grow up.

14 December, 2009 09:52  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - yes, tolerant is the word. tolerancy level has dropped, why?

ted - the problem is we kept referring to the past and do not look at the future

28 December, 2009 23:25  

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