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Churches Bombed in Malaysia

I was not inclined to blog about the issue on the usage of the word "Allah" but things have gotten out of hand and this is what I felt.

The reported 'bombing' of three churches in Klang Valley has escalated the situation where it has made people to be concerned about their lifes.

The 'bombing' of Metro Tabernacle of which I knew many people there is definitely a shocking news. After 52 years of independence, we are moving backwards.

No thanks to Najib (the Prime Minister) and his cousin, Hishamuddin (the Home Minister) for playing an indirect role in the 'bombing' cases. Both of them did mention that they can't stop the protests that were to be held today, allegedly to be organised by some so-called NGOs. When you say like this, there are people who may just tend to do things around it, bend it as much as you can just to do things to fit their own agendas.

Now, both of them sees the bigger picture and held press conferences to condemn the 'bombings'.

Personally, I think the national leaders didn't expect such bombing incidents to happen in a peaceful Malaysia.

Nowadays, we just have to be careful with our words or actions. There are so many foreigners living in our country, be it legally or illegally. There are so many possibilities, one of which could have been committed by foreigners who are extremists on one hand. They took it into their own hands. It's just an example.

The blame game is flying everywhere now. What have you heard?
1. Opposition blames the ruling party who has a role in instigating it.
2. Members of ruling party blames the Opposition for doing it to gain political miles.
3. Muslims blames the christians for their stubborness that caused it.
4. Muslims saying the christians deserved it.

Please stop the blame game / finger pointings at this point of time. There's nothing to gain.

All in all, it may not have been committed by Malaysians or if it was, it could have been out of the notorious side of it just to trigger something where those people could not imagined the bigger effect. It's being reported that police are keeping an eye on other churches. Please look after the mosques too as there are christian extremists around too who may not be thinking right right now. What if they were to act? The politicians didn't really see this part of the story. As said, taken for granted.

The political parties are now taking advantage of the situation by labelling each other of having a hand in the 'bombing'. My reading is that all this were due to politics, trying to outdo and win supports which has gone out of hand.

We who are learned do not want to see the Middle East conflicts happening in this land. I once remembered that an Indonesian muslim told me that respect and high tolerancy which are important factors when you are in a multi racial society.

Just stay put at where you are. If you were not affected by the usage of the word "Allah", just read what's going on, do not act. For those affected, do forgive one another as professed and practised in all faiths.

If you have received emails or smses stating that churches or mosques are being burnt or vandalised, call that sender to verify the news. Do not forward blindly. Even if it was real, act wisely so that it do not trigger mass panic.

The shameful thing is that it's going to be blown out of proportion by foreign medias with Australian news reporting about it already. Googled for "church bombed allah malaysia" and 174,000 website entries were found on the related words.

Reading: Malaysian churches attacked as Allah row worsens - Perth Now
Reading: Malaysian churches fire-bombed as 'Allah' row escalates - BBC News
Reading: Malaysian church fire-bombed ahead of Muslim protests - AFP
Reading: The Politics of Allah - Wall Street Journal

The foreign medias do not know the whole story but they will give it a full blast in their papers by now according to their own understanding.
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Blogger lina said...

The Arabs had no fuss about using the word. But here, much ado about nothing. :(
Backwards mentality and the assumption that all Muslims in this country are stupid and their faith easily swayed. But what do I know? I've been accused of being a non-malay after all...

08 January, 2010 20:18  
Blogger Ted said...

Sad news huh? THere's a lot to be said about this issue but what's more important is for everyone to show respect and understanding for other ppl's beliefs. I don't think christians should be surprised by the persecution though.

09 January, 2010 09:43  
Anonymous syahmi said...

to me personally, those actions are politically motivated. no NGOs no whatsoever.

and one more, it's the so called 'malay-muslims' fault for not understanding their own faith.

14 January, 2010 20:41  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - everyone has their own opinion but it cannot be forced on others which is what the govt is doing

ted - respect, understanding and tolerance too

shaymi - agree that it's mainly political motivated

19 January, 2010 20:06  

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