Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Know Our PM's Travel Itinerary

I think Malaysia's PM will be very busy travelling this year.

How do I know? Inside information?

Not really but I can give a good guess after reading the following news report - Najib Visits Chennai To Thank Malaysian Indians For Nation-Building

To me personally, I find this trip to Chennai really wasteful. If you are so grateful to the Indians that originated from Chennai (no offence to the Indians), why don't you / the government put up more benefits that are easily accessible (without red tapes) to all Malaysian Indians who are residing in Malaysia now.

This is what was reported, claimed to be mentioned by the PM:-
"My trip ends in Chennai, it is not coincidental but intentional because Chennai, Tamil Nadu is the original state where many Malaysian Indians originated from.

Eighty-five per cent of Malaysian Indians are ethnic Tamils and my visit was to recognise the Malaysian Indian contributions to the development of Malaysia," said Najib."

Why do you need to be grateful in India when all the Indian ancestors that originated from India have passed away? The descendents are all now in Malaysia. If the government is so sincere on the honouring and recognition part, honouring those that are still alive right in Malaysia.

All talk is no use! I can also talk but then I'm not the PM and the press won't be interested to listen also haha.

In that case, the PM may have to travel to all related places from now onwards, to please (I mean honour and recognise) the various people.

Firstly, he has to travel to Hainan Island in China .......... lots of Hainanese in Malaysia. My paternal grandparents migrated from there. Maybe some Malaysians may challenge me into asking why must he visit Hainan Island first .......... hehe. Well, is the PM going to be grateful to the Hainan authorities for my ancestors?

Then he has to travel to Guangzhou because lots of Chinese migrated to Malaysia from that area too. My maternal grandparents were from there.

For the folks staying at the Portuguese settlement in Malacca, they will get to see the PM travelling all the way to Portugal to be grateful to the yesteryears' Portuguese people for conquering Malacca and created many historical facts.

Where else?

Oh yeah, the Fujian province in China .... because lots of Hokkien people in Malaysia where their grandparents or great grandparents that came from Fujian area.

Indonesia without fail but he has to visit specific places where the majority comes from. Have to thank Indonesia for their contribution. A former chief minister who is also a doctor has a link there.

The PM will have to visit southern Philipines because the government has issued so many Malaysian idenfication papers to the Filipinos because they resided in Sabah for so many years.

That's how our population grew, not internally, but receiving external contributions.
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