Friday, January 22, 2010

RM3.70 Per Litre for RON95 in May 2010?

The following report has caught many Malaysians by surprised. If you were to google "RM3.70 per litre for RON95", you'll get lots of websites talking about it already. Still blur? Read on .....

The mechanism for fuel pricing in Malaysia has finally
been finalized and controlled under one mechanism, which also takes the
high and lower income group people into consideration, according to Finance
Trade Minister Tan Sri Anuar Ali.

³From May 1, the fuel will be pegged at RM 3.90 per litre for RON97, while
RON95 will increase to RM 3.70 per litre. However, the prices of
national-made vehicles will be lowered by at least 40 percent. For example,
a full-spec family sedan Proton Persona 1.6 litre engine will cost around
RM 23,000.00 excluding road tax and insurance. Import tax and excise duty
will be revised to only 30 percent, from the current 200 percent. Imported
vehicles such as the new Toyota Camry 2.4 litre engine will cost around RM
65,000.00.² he said.

The mechanics has been said to be undertaken by a team of experts from
Australia and Canada who were earlier briefed on the issue of subsidy in
this country, whereas after consideration by the transport minister, they
have signed the constitution that the system will be made on May 1, the day
it goes into effect.

Under the new system, there will be a major effect on the existing
consumers who have already purchased a vehicle and to those who are in the
midst of repaying the loan of their vehicle to their financial

Ahmad Tajuddin said the government might also re-introduce a cash return
annually to Malaysians who own a 1,500 cc and below vehicle. The amount
have yet to be decided but he assured that the amount will compensate the
price of fuel by at least half to eligible Malaysians based on bumi quota.
SkyNet News Asia

Anomalies noted as follows:-
1) There is no such news agency by the name of SkyNet News Asia.
2) Who is this Finance Trade Minister Tan Sri Anuar Ali??
3) Since when Malaysia government has this Finance Trade Ministry?
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Blogger Chemhoster said...

Wao... this is damn shocking. For sure there'll be a lot of debate (in nice word) or (otherwise)commotion. As owayz, new policies of any kind are all FISHY! Money go missing somewhere. But yea, this is hell a big news.

From RM 1.80 to RM3.70/litre, That's freaking Double. OMG.

23 January, 2010 03:14  
Blogger Ted said...

You're right, this smells fishy...

23 January, 2010 12:55  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Let's wait and see. One way or another, the people will suffer

23 January, 2010 12:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah.. thanks for this heads up... but if this really happens... i guess riots coming to towns adi.

04 February, 2010 07:56  

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