Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who's Confused Now?

In the past few weeks, Malaysia was in the world limelight for the wrong reasons. The nation is still in the limelight .................. for the controversial Allah word issue.

Few days back, a cabinet minister has announced that the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak states can use the word Allah now. Why the sudden change of heart? Afraid that the voters in both of these two states may turn against the ruling government? That's for sure. The ruling government (under UMNO) came into power owing a lot to those political parties based in these two states.

Aren't the government going to wait for the court to decide now? There was a stay of execution that the Herald magazine can now use the word Allah in their magazine since the government has appealed against the court decision.

The government has decided to overturn the court decision? The government became the judge? What's the use of the judiciary system in our nation then? The executive government and judicial system is under one body? By announcing such ruling, isn't it a contempt of court?

Please note that this blogpost is not stirring any racial or religious issue but more so of the independency of the judicial system.

Further to the allowance of the usage of Allah word by Christians in East Malaysia, the cabinet minister came out with another ruling ......... if you (an East Malaysian Christian) have been professing God in Bahasa Malaysia, thus using the word Allah to represent God ........... once you have moved your butts over to West Malaysia, you have to stop calling your God by using the word Allah. No more!

I was never inclined to touch on sensitive subjects but such rulings are getting more absurd each day. Do you call this ruling a 1Malaysia concept which has been promoted so much since Najib became a prime minister? 1Malaysia but with this and that ruling ........

Kept hitting my forehead and say "aiyoh, what is this?".

Is that to tell the East Malaysians who are based in West Malaysia now that they have to change since they are in West Malaysia? This will alienate the East Malaysians even more.

When the Allah controversy came up, the government kept harping that by using the word Allah, it may confuse the muslims about who's the real God and it might also convert the muslims into christians with that confusion. So, what's the point of allowing it now? That the confusion won't happen now?

All this fiasco that we have been exposed to, reading from the mainstream media are just government political propaganda ........ they are actually trying to confuse everyone and all this are just political games and the general public has been taken for a ride all this while (all these years in fact).

Another new ruling which may be implented will also confuse the whole nation especially on the subsidised petrol. You will only be allowed to purchase up to a certain amount of subsidised petrol per month. My ............ what a ruling. More to come .......

I'm confused now!

Reading: Minister: It’s okay to allow ‘Allah’ use in Sabah and Sarawak - Star

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