Thursday, February 11, 2010

Malaysia's 1st Submarine Can't Dive?????

Did I read the articles correctly?

The much publicised first submarine, a French-built Scorpene class christened as KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and built by France-based DCNS S.A., for Malaysia came to our shore last year.

By Feb 2010, it was reported that our submarine is not fit for diving under the sea.

Quite tied up lately with so much work and having no internet access at home, I just need to direct readers to the following two websites:-

a) Further delay in RMN submarine tropical trials - Malay Mail

b) A submarine that cannot dive is equivalent to a fish that can't swim!! - Kopitiam Bang Nan

This is really classic. The main function of a submarine is to dive into the deep ocean to maintain security around the ocean within the Malaysian border but it can't function as it is. So, now what?

It's like buying a Proton car model and having Proton telling you that the car can't be driven on the road as it's not road worthy OR buying a house and having the property developer telling you that you can't stay in the house as it's not safe for occupancy.

In the case involving the submarine, repairs would have to be made and will any local companies or agents be appointed again to represent the Malaysian government?

It seems that the 2nd submarine which is due for delivery any time now has been delayed too ..... due to same problem?
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Blogger Nick Phillips said...

Why am I seriously not surprised? That's our government for you ... a corrupted bunch really!

11 February, 2010 19:20  
Blogger lina said...

Hmmm.... Why does all these issues fail to surprise me anymore?

11 February, 2010 20:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

nick - otherwise no news to report

lina - more to come?

01 March, 2010 14:43  

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