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Rumours On Malaysian Christian Coalition

Received an email that quoted Malaysian Christian leaders / pastors are coming together to form a Christian Coalition in Support of 1Malaysia (CCS1M).

My first instant thought is always to verify emails or messages before forwarding it to others. After checking with a few friends that have connections to those Christian leaders / pastors as quoted in the article, the conclusion is - there is no such intended coalition.

Not that the Christian leaders are not in support of the government but to use and quote the names without their consent / approval and telling a lie about this coalition are the main issues here.

There are people out there who are ready to create discord among the Christian voters than anything. No doubt, in my humble opinion, that Pakatan Rakyat may not have performed up to our expectations but then how much has Barisan Nasional done thus far for the people.

Can see some hands are trying desperately to court some votes lost in the previous general election but I see it as a good political move in a sense. Pakatan Rakyat should not rest on their laurels.


There is a proposal that Christian leaders and pastors come together for the sake of the nation to form a Christian Coalition in Support of 1Malaysia (CCS1M). We have seen the mess created by the Pakatan Rakyat leaders and elected representatives and are fed up with their choatic administration of Perak, Penang and Selangor. The Christian block of votes in the urban areas like Ipoh, Penang, PJ, Subang Jaya, etc has contributed to the Pakatan victory in the March 2008 general election but what happened to those elected, especially the Christian elected representatives.

People like Teresa Kok and Hannah Yeoh are riding on a popularity wave and competing with each other in a fashion show parade. They act like beauty queens. There is also Janice Lee who thrive on street demonstrations and does nothing else. The Christian cousins of Ngeh and Nga of Perak did not lose time in awarding themselves with datukship and state award even before they warm their seats of the Perak state exco.

There is Edward Lee, another Christian lay leader, who got elected and then does nothing at all after that, just collecting his allowance and enjoying regular free meals with his family given by his constituency voters.

Nothing has changed during the last two years the Pakatan ruled Penang and Selangor, but things have become worse.

The Najid administration, meanwhile, has done a lot for the people, and churches are among those benefitting from the Barisan Nasional federal government. Just ask Assemblies of God denomination head Rev Ong Sek Leng who is also pastor of the burnt Tabanacle Church or Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship president Tan Teck Seng and the defecto NECF leader Rev Wong Kim Kong (although he has retired, he still controls the NECF as executive advisor).

We are proposing that the following church leaders and pastors form a pro tem committee to set up the CCS1M:

NECF leader Rev Wong Kim Kong,
Baptist lay leader Dato Davy Woo,
AOG Church head Rev Ong Sek Leng,
Methodist Church head Bishop Hwa Yung,
Baptist Church Convention head Rev Isaac Lim,
Anglican Church head Bishop Ng,
Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship national president Tan Teck Seng,
Christian editor Dato Seri Wong Chun Wait of the Star,
Christian women leader Tan Cheng Liang, and
Christian politician Dato Lee Hwa Beng.

These are all well-known church leaders who support the Barisan Nasional. Many church leaders, pastors and members are now keen supporters of Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib and Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat. They are fed up with the Pakatan tactics.

Let us all pray that peace and order will be restored in the states that fell to Pakatan, and work for Barisan victory in these states at the next general election.

And we hope Christian journalists like Dato Seri Wong Chun Wai, Thomas Lee, Bob Teoh, Soo Eu Jin, Debra Loh, etc will help promote the CCS1M with their commentaries.

So, Rev Wong Kim Kong and Dato Davy Woo, the ball is in your court to initiate and organise this new movement of God to remove the hypocrites from power.

Please forward this message to as many Christians as you can.

Am equally sad with some people who continues to forward sms / emails without checking the facts first.

Reading: Can You Smell That????? It’s Called Desperation - MS Daffodil
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Blogger Ted said...

Good thing you checked it out.Its hard to believe anything politically related and most of the time there is more than meets the eye.

08 March, 2010 15:25  
Blogger bZbee said...

very slanderous... dangerous grounds for our nation...malaysia is cursed...cursed bcos they have curse the city of peace...

08 March, 2010 19:08  

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