Friday, April 30, 2010

Ridiculous Statement by Chief Police

The scenario started on Monday early morning, around 2am, where it was reported that Four cops on desk duties pending probe into teen shooting.

Things erupted when the news spread that the cops were involved in shooting a 15 year old schoolboy actually.

Politicians and neighbours living near the victim's house were equally sad and brought more of the news to public. It's to the extent now that it's a hoo haa everywhere and the general public is ridiculing the police force generally.

I didn't think of blogging about this matter as the mainstream media may not report the whole truth. Since not knowing the full picture, might as well not blog about it.

Somehow, this made people mad when rumours went around about this issue. But the best of all has been reserved till yesterday.

The chief police of Malaysia, we call him the Inspector General of Police, lambasted the public for the outcry saying that his colleagues have risked their lifes to protect Malaysians and now they are getting this nonsense from everyone.

As extracted from the Star newspaper - "If you do not want the police to enforce the law, then say so. Let me know so that I can tell my men to not take any action, including conducting inspections on vehicles or arresting Mat Rempits who ride without licences."

What a cry baby he was and that as a chief police.

Did the people complain about the inspection of vehicle or mat rempit? What the people are saying now is that the police shot a schoolboy who was regarded as a dangerous criminal driving a simple national car (which was regarded as being a weapon too - that's what the chief police was quoted).

One more complain from you, the general public, he will pull out all of his police force from the streets in the whole of Malaysia and will let you, the general public, to suffer from snatch thieves, robbers, murderers, gangsters, notorious ah longs, the dangerous illegal foreigners who will rob and rape ............. that's what I was made to understand by reading what was published in the Star newspaper.

I'm really flabbergasted by this comment made by our chief police. If the chief police can say such a thing and react like a small kid due to many critics, what about those lower ranked police force ......... what will they say or react? Abort their duties altogether?

Imagine the Prime Minister was to say the same thing "I'll tell all government staff not to serve the public anymore due to sooooooo many critics."

Please re-consider what you have said as it will have a major influence over lots of Malaysians.
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