Thursday, April 01, 2010

What Did You Say Again?

Be careful with what you say when you are travelling in one of those taxis in Beijing, China.

To be precise, in each and every single one of those 70,000 taxis found in Beijing (can you believe it that there are 70,000 taxis in one single city).

Each of those taxis are now equipped with wire tapping equipments where the communist staff could listen to your conversation while you are talking. Just make sure that you clarify your jokes (about China issues of course) otherwise you'll end up having policemen surrounding your taxi later on.

Yaxon Networks Co., based at Xiamen in Fujian was the company that has been commissioned to install those gadgets and you are being monitored right now.

If they can install such equipments in all taxis, I'm quite sure that all hotel rooms are well equipped too. So, be careful if you are a big shot and currently travelling in Beijing. You have been warned not to simply blabber about anything as you like.

No wonder the secret service agents would have to comb all those hotel rooms prior to its occupation by the USA President and his staff.

You'll also never know that your taxi driver is one of those "38,000 intelligence agents" appointed by the communist party.

But the communist government said this "its devices allow the police or a service center to "judge if the driver is in danger" through remote surveillance or wiretapping. If it is necessary, the service center can immobilize a taxi remotely by "cutting off the oil or electric supply". Really getting sophisticated.

You may ask what happened to the violation of privacy or human rights. Don't worry, only those big mouth fellas or boastful type of people will get into trouble hehehe.

Reading: Beijing Taxis Are Rigged for Eavesdropping - Wall Street Journal
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Blogger Ted said...

I would think its the taxi drivers who would do most of the complaining. Passengers will just be asking about local events and politics...well at least tats the stereotype. Hard to say

03 April, 2010 13:52  
Blogger Sitie BUm BUm said...

wow!!! scary leh...

03 April, 2010 22:21  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - taxi drivers were offered rewards if they are able to catch those offenders "live"

sitie - haha u must be a talkative then

06 April, 2010 13:35  

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