Monday, May 03, 2010

Govt May Have Forgotten Its Promise

Just before the general election or any by-election, the federal government will go to their length to deliver what has not been delivered to the voters (non-voters are the lucky lot).

Even Felda settlers who weren't compensated for the last sixteen years can see the light at last due to a by-election. Otherwise, they may have to wait for the next member of parliament or state assemblyman to die first before getting their money ....... remember, it was their money and not a gift from the government as portrayed by some people.

I'm very frightened to read such lackadaisical attitude by the federal government. It took them sixteen years to make those money available. On the other hand, they can do miracles even after sixteen long years.

I hope that the prime minister hasn't forgotten his pledge - that he will undertake measures against those who had flout rules and regulations as found in the Auditor-General 2008 Report.

What has came out from that disappointment with the auditor-general's finding since then (since when you may ask - since 22 Oct 2009 as published in the prime minister's official website)?

I think the Auditor-General 2009 Report will report the same excesses and discrepancies and these had occured year in year out. What had been done? We don't need all those lucrative deals in our constituency or sky high promises. Just deal with those people involved in the respective government agencies or ministris that have been reported.

When I say deal, it's not just commencing the prosecution but deliver the right well deserved judgement in the end. We are not dumb!

Or is the annual auditor-general report just another public relation gimmick? Or you need sixteen years?
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