Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Character Assasination of Anwar Ibrahim

Just by relying on a foreign blogger's blogpost, the Malaysian government and all the government related mainstream media went full force in telling the whole of Malaysia that the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim, could be a USA CIA's tool.

The Malaysian government has not even verified the source and/or tried to obtain any proof to ascertain whether Anwar is the CIA's tool. Neither has any of the local mainstream media who willingly publish the news.

This is purely character assasination with malicious intent and slandering of the highest order.

My my my. If the opposition parties were to repeat this on the existing prime minister even on one tiny corner of a local newspaper, the Malaysian government would sue the opposition parties till all their members' pants dropped to the floor.

This is very unfortunate and even the "Facebook and Twitter are bad for you" Minister, Rais Yatim, has mentioned that opposition members should leave the opposition fold as their leader is a CIA agent. This was reported in the government-owned news agency, Bernama, entitled "Anwar CIA Tool: Rais Urges Ex-Umno Members To Return".

The following are the rest of the local newspapers' free blast on the same topic:-
Utusan Malaysia - Penulis blog AS dedah Anwar 'alat' CIA
Star - Stern action awaits Anwar if ‘CIA tool’ allegations are true
New Straits Times - Remove Anwar from office: Noh
Borneo Post - ‘Action only if national security threatened’
Daily Express - Reject leader who depends on foreign power, says Puad

If all local newspapers believed what was written in this unknown foreign blog and published this news so willingly, what about those numerous articles found in Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini. It's only fair play (which it will not be no matter how you hoped for) to publish also but the local newspapers wouldn't dare to do so.

You can really tell that it was a concerted effort put up by the local media at someone's instruction to publish about Anwar being a CIA's tool.

I regard stealing monies from the government's coffer (aka corruption) is even a more threatening issue than just being a CIA tool.
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Blogger lina said...

I agree with you. Corruption is a way more serious threat in my view.

Of course, if the people up there are involved in corruption, fighting it will not and never be high on the list of things our "esteemed" gov want to eradicate, don't you think?

Let's just bankrupt the country...

14 July, 2010 08:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - so many greedy people. from my chit chats with so many people in the construction industry, so many businessmen/women are blackmailed into giving under table money to obtain a job. no such thing as merit anymore. it all depends on how much u decide to benefit the people in charge of those projects. mind u, its found in the universities too

15 July, 2010 08:41  

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