Monday, July 26, 2010

Malaysian Mainstream Media Quiet on Terrible FDI News

True enough. When there's a terrible news on Malaysia, the mainstream media will go silent about it. Gagged by the current govt administration? Why dare not report about it? They will tell us about good news and the bad news??? The existing govt is afraid of the public lambasting them and want to hold on to power no matter what.

I have just blogged about Malaysia's bad Foreign Direct Investment for the previous year on 20 July 2010 and was waiting for the UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2010. The outcome was really terrible this time ...........

Comments made during the year 2009 on the FDI weren't correct? A total cover up has happened?

Malaysia, as a whole, has only garnered a FDI investment of up to RM4.43 billion. If compared to year 2008's FDI investment, it's a terrible 81% nosediving situation.

Malaysia is the only South East Asian nation that has recorded a negative FDI flow (outflow exceeding inflow). Foreign investors are leaving the country more than those that are coming in?

Why hasn't the mainstream media reported about this? So quiet till you could hear a pin drop on a carpet.

What was reported by Idris Jala that the nation will be bankrupt by year 2019 if no concrete remedies are implemented is true after all? But it was denied and swept under the carpet by many ministers and politicians from the current government? Who's telling the truth?

Can the public get some explanation on this situation?

The government's ambition is to achieve a high income nation status and also to hit 6% annual growth for next 5 years (this is in order to achieve the developed status by then). Is this FDI an indication to us that the ambition will be affected?

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Just by reading the newspapers nowadays, the current government is only interested in jailing a person who is deemed to have committed sexual relation with another man, hyped on the illegal sand mining whether true or not and target to win over a state lost to the oppositions in the last general election.

Reading: 10th Malaysia Plan: Going forwards or backwards? - Centre for Policy Initiatives

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Blogger taker said...

Yeah, it was so bad yet hidden from the public. Don't they consider such issues as newsworthy anymore?

02 August, 2010 23:08  

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