Monday, August 09, 2010

Couldn't Care Less For Bright Students

Really sad with the government when they mentioned that they are going to scrap the education scholarships for the brightest students that you can find in Malaysia.

Reason being - NO MONEY!

Then, on other days, you can find the government agreeing to sooooooooo many unnecessary projects. Next, followed by, many leakages found in many government initiated projects.

If the brightest aren't educated in the best environment then all I can say is that Malaysia's future is doomed. When you put a normal person amongst a group of bad influencers over a period of time, it's a definite thing that this normal person will end up being one of those bad influencers.

IMHO, Malaysia's universities are not ranked highly by other educationists so how do you expect we can produce a top of the range smart fella locally when we can't produce good lecturers who graduates from lowly ranked local universities.

The main issue is not the university or lecturer here but what happened to our government's coffer?

Another reason given for discontinuing the government scholarship is due to sponsored students not wanting to return. Bearing in mind, such students are mainly from the malay race and they are not returning too?

Then the issue is not so much of the students but the nation.

In a way, only the rich will be able to educate their kids in overseas universities from now on. How many of them anyway? And these kids will come back to work in the government to govern this nation?

Hopefully those who are genius and have high potentials but lacked of financial fundings will find the following websites useful:-

* Engage Education
* Education Scholarship
* Malaysia Scholarship

For the rest, just stay home to be a mediocre. As long as you stay mediocre, you can't challenge the well connected politicians. It's not what you know but whom you know in this country.

Now, let's see which project can we initiate so that our cronies can get those commissions. That's what matters most. Isn't it?

Reading: Nazri: Putrajaya has no funds for bright students - Malaysian Insider
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