Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pakistan In Need Of Help

Pakistan has been stormed by terrible flooding in the Punjab area alone. As many as 8.5 million were affected there. The subsequent effect of the flood would have affected 15 million people by now as estimated by World Health Organisation.

The absence of help from other nations is rather puzzling. More so from those fellas that organised flotillas barging into the Israel controlled Gaza area. Where are those fellas who sponsored those flotillas now? Why aren't you organising tons of required supplies into northern Pakistan?

Those fellas must have forgotten that Pakistan is also a muslim nation if you have forgotten and there are many more people affected in Pakistan as compared to 1.5 million people in Gaza.

Unfortunately those same activists are planning to gather as many as twelve flotillas to barge into the Gaza area again before year end. What I can say is that this group of activists exist just to fight for freedom for Gaza's sake from the hands of Israel. Why insist on barging through Israel sea territory when you can go through Egypt right into southern Gaza? Which country in the world would allow an unauthorised ship into their water without permission.

Even fishermen (with no threats) in Malaysia are always caught (by neighbouring countries' marines) trespassing into the waters of Indonesia and Thailand and vice versa.

Why can't they organise the supply of aids into Pakistan right at this moment if they have all those contacts and supports from so many people, oragnisations and nations (Malaysia included).

Sadden by the fact that it's all about politicking and no sincerity in purely helping others.

Reading: Aid in short supply in Pakistan as desperation grows - TheStar
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