Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wasteful Nuclear Plant?

Malaysia government intends to build a nuclear plant by year 2021. The government's estimated cost for this nuclear plant is approximately between US$2.5 billion and US$4 billion (RM8.3 billion and RM13.3 billion).

Can't comment much on nuclear technology as I'm not an expert but what I could ask is whether this nuclear plant is viable for Malaysia's usage.

As Malaysia's FDI has plunge terribly with so little foreigners having interests in our economy, our government has put up an idea to spend more money away. Who would have the technology to build such a nuclear plant? Definitely not a single Malaysian company would have that knowledge and experience and the cost of construction such a plant would see more outflow of our funds.

When I read how our Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water responded to queries, I'm really worried that the cost is not what was stated. It could be double of that.

He said the following:-
* that costs were merely rough estimates
* cost of the power plant will only be known after the government determines the supply of technology for the plant
* the federal government will also study methods used by other countries to finance their nuclear power plants before deciding on the appropriate financing mechanisms
* the government had yet to identify a suitable site in Peninsular Malaysia
* would take into consideration of the environmental impact and social implications

When you have not even considered the five items as above, how can you even quote that the estimated cost of constructing a nuclear plant is around US$2.5 billion and US$4 billion. That's our government.

Have they even considered the following in arriving at the final cost?
* Costs of fuel (Uranium)
* Costs of assurances
* Costs for discharging the hazardous, radioactive waste
* Costs for dismantling and discharging the plant as hazardous waste after its lifetime
* Costs for personnel operating the plant
* Costs for protecting the plant against terror attacks, etc.

And you'll need large large amount of water for the cooling system and the idea of placing it near a major water source is most logical. I wonder which river in Peninsular Malaysia will house this nuclear plant?

The best thing is that our nation will go bankrupt in 2019 and this nuclear plant is still part of the government's plan?

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Blogger lina said...

Well, somebody's coffers need to be filled by all this mega projects kick backs.

04 August, 2010 08:57  
Blogger Ted said...

Nuclear power? Unbelievable...

05 August, 2010 13:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love anything with the word "nuclear" on it.

So saya sokong project nuclear power plant ni. Malaysia Boleh kan.

Eleh....bukan boleh percaya hang....silap-2 company R****** hang tengah prepare quotation nak lobby project tu. Ada betul ke?

Ohh BTW....mane BG Phase 1 dah siap ke?

06 August, 2010 19:05  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - many to fill hehe

ted - which country boleh?

anon - lol, i wish. the bg is dependable on whether yr guy is flying over or not. if not flying, it will be handed over at yr place

07 August, 2010 00:13  
Anonymous Chef Gulzar said...


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12 August, 2010 13:39  

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