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All Students At Politicians' Mercy

I'm really at lost for words with the politicians who are currently governing the country. One day they had this mind. Later, they thought it would be better in the other method. Finally, they said alright, we'll stick to another plan. All this just on one issue. I had blogged before that my country has many U-turn professionals as they kept changing directions not for the betterment but they do not know what's best or couldn't be bothered as long as their political agenda is met.

I'm referring to the teaching of Mathematics and Science subjects in the schools. The politicians are undecided whether to teach this two subjects in English or in the national language, Bahasa Malaysia. As long as they kept fiddling with this issue, I'm sure our students will produce results such as this. All the students are really at the mercy of the politicians.

In 2003, the Mathematics and Science subjects were taught in English for the second time in the country's education history. The first time was during my parents' era and for some senior bloggers. When it comes to my era, it was changed to Bahasa Malaysia language already.

In 2009, the politicians (who runs the country) decided it was time to change back to Bahasa Malaysia language. Reason? To maintain the patriotism irregardless of what distraction it will cause to the students. Time to implement this change - 2012.

From then on, many school PTAs had held meetings to convince / request the government to maintain status quo. Parents are so worried as they knew it would definitely affect their kids for sure. A NGO, Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE), has been working hard to gather the school PTAs decision on this critical matter. Many parents / PTAs had voiced out but it may have fallen on deaf ears. But do they have ears in the first place?

I'm repeating this statement of mine found in my previous blogpost (written in July 2009) of Change of Language for Students - "I really pity those students out there. For they have learnt these two subjects in English for the last six years, now they have to unlearn what they have learnt in English terms and absorb new terms in Bahasa Malaysia."

Well, it's eight years now since 2003. You have to unlearn what you learnt for the past eight years. Ain't it a ridiculous for the government to change the language next year?

In the last few days, Mission schools and Association of Sabah National Type Chinese Schools (comprising eight schools) intend to submit a proposal to the Prime Minister to request for the said two subjects to be taught in English in continuation.

The politicians can't see further than what they have in mind right now. The English language is being used as the main language for the mathematics and science articles / journals / research and by confining our students to just Bahasa Malaysia (without disrecpect to the national language), we are like telling our students to remain under a coconut shell and make sure you don't excel in these two subjects.

Out of a suddent, the MCA President mentioned that both of the said subjects MUST be taught in English if the nation is intending to move towards being a developed nation status and want to compete on the global front.

But he was on a different tune back in 2009 when the government decided otherwise as found written in his blog. He actually welcome the decision back then. Why didn't he tell the government that it's a MUST?

Then the Prime Minister, on reading the MCA President's latest proposal, said that the government will seek input from the parents first before finally deciding on which language to use.

I told you, I told you.

It's April now and the government is still deciding? The MCA President has already let the cat out of the bag by stating that the cabinet has, in July 2010, actually decided to revert back to Bahasa Malaysia from 2012 onwards.

Why then the Prime Minister said that the government will seek feedback from the parents? Is this just a talk, not a walk? Or a political gimmick in view of the Sarawak state election?

Even the Education Ministry mentioned that they will conduct a study as well. Can you change a cabinet's decision just like that?

Do you mean to tell us that the school text books (for Maths & Science) have not been printed in the Bahasa Malaysia language yet even after the cabinet decision? If they have been printed, are we to burnt all the extras?

What a government?!?!?!?!

I repeat again, the students are paying the price for all this nonsense.

The government kept repeating in telling the business community to expand beyond Malaysia. Please tell whether the international business community really bothers if your Mathematics and Science subjects were taught in either languages. They don't but they do bother if your English is not up to a certain standard. Actually they don't mind also because they will be able to cheat you since you are so poor in the English language.

We kept looking for Foreign Direct Investments to boost the country's economy. Foreign investors would prefer that the local employees have a good command of the English language as it would be easier to communicate or even to teach / guide easily.

All we have is just one English textbook for the English subject in schools today. And the government expects every single student's English proficiency to be of a high standard by the time they step into the working environment.

If the government hasn't notice, it was reported in the Malaysian Employers Federation's survey that local and international employers shows that verbal and written communication skills in English remain the most sought-after attribute in prospective employees. It's the most important trait employers look for when recruiting graduates. (extracted from Star)

I can see where Malaysia is heading into the future ....................

For those who kept fighting for it to be reverted to Bahasa Malaysia, I really don't know about your main intention but all I know is that it's not doing any good to the students / nation. Please put aside all your political agenda and put on your thinking cap for once or at least use your brain a little bit.
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Read Patrick's Niamah blog for the latest on English being used in our schools.It is really sad.

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