Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hundreds of Thousands Of Illegals In Malaysia

Malaysians are harbouring sooooooooooooooo many illegals from other nations.

The Home Ministry has stated that as many as 530,000 illegals immigrants have registered with the Immigration offices throughout Peninsula Malaysia. This figure doesn't include Sarawak which could make the statistics even worse.

How in the world did they enter our nation?

The six PSM members that were held under Emergency Ordinance lately is nothing to shout about and personally, I think it was just a political ploy.

But having half a million of illegal immigrants entering our nation without being detected, I would say that the police and army have done a disservice to our nation by not protecting our borders. The government is so worried about the six PSM members but not the 530,000 illegals?

For those businesses and homeowners that are hiring the illegals, you are contributing to this mess if not, the lives of our people has been endangered.

If 'allowing' this 530,000 illegal immigrants into the country is not waging war against the Agong, you tell me what it is. If these 530,000 illegal immigrants wanted to create a riot, they could do it nationwide and our police plus army wouldn't be able to contain it.

The Malaysian Defence Ministry is spending billions as if to wage war against another nation but the government has neglected the fact that the illegal immigrants have penetrated our defence.
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Blogger Twilight Man said...

I am so glad that the govt made me so sick that I have made up my mind to migrate soon!

10 August, 2011 22:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

if u and me were to leave, who else will stay to fight for this nation?

12 August, 2011 08:31  

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