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Accident Plot Created By Police, Hospital, Lawyer & "Victim"

Happened to a friend's friend from another church.

A plot created by a policeman, a hospital staff and the so-called accident victim's lawyer plus the "victim" himself almost duped the court into awarding and causing a Malaysian driver to be penalised just for the sake of extra money.

Justice prevailed in the end but you have to be cautious of such scam from now onwards.
Lesson learned here ..... do not take things for granted in any minor accident. Do the needful like in any other major accident. Remember, take as many photos as you can with your hand phone (vehicle, driver & accident site) after all it's digital and free. It may not seem  important to you at that point in time but you never know how useful they (photos) will be one day, like in Linda's case. Please read her husband's write-up on the incident.

Dear Friend

This is a true story that happened to my wife – it just shows one has to be very careful these days. Also – although Malaysia is a wonderful country – how an incident like this could happen is unbelievable. Could not happen anywhere else in the world. Crime unfortunately is on the increase.

Motorbike hit Linda's car driving on the wrong side of the road outside Sri Penaga Condo in Bangsar to avoid lots of water due to heavy rain. Linda got out of the car – took photos on her handphone – few scratches on her car – nothing on the motorbike. Motorbike was coming fast down hill. Linda driving up hill with indicator flashing – turning left into Sri Penaga.

Linda went to the police station to make a report – then went to Japan  on business for 7 days. Whilst she was away – motorbike rider makes a police report with a hospital report showing he had substantial back injuries (but he never fell off the bike).

Police send Linda a letter asking her to come to the police station for further questions – as she did not answer for 48 hours (she was overseas) – sent her a summons. I was in China so saw nothing.

Summons was to attend court – reckless driving.

She consulted the lawyer of Tokio Marine (her insurance company) who told her this was a scam between the police sergeant, motor bike rider and the motor bike rider seeing a Chinese Woman in a two door Mercedes to make money. Fine in court was RM 10,000. Three way split between the Sergeant, Lawyer and Motor Bike Rider. Charge reckless driving.

Because of Linda's no claims for years – they would defend Linda FOC.

Linda went to court – the court asked for someone to stand bail RM5,000 with court case postponed by one month till this week. Family not allowed to put up bail. Her office GM had to go to her own bank account – withdraw her money and take cash to the court to set Linda free.

Been praying every day for a month.

Linda has just been in court for two days this week because you have to wait your turn so it takes a long time. Judge was a Malay Lady. Linda's lawyer tore the testimony of the police sergeant and motorbike rider apart. He demonstrated they were trying to make money – Judge had no choice but to reprimand both of them in court and allow Linda to go with an apology.

The motorbike rider had obviously paid someone in a hospital to fabricate the report. The police sergeant got the time of the incident wrong – part of the road where the accident occurred wrong and the lawyer tore him apart for being unprofessional.

Lawyer took photos printed out from Linda's handphone and stuck them in front of the motorbike rider and asked him why his bike was not damaged. In his testimony he said his bike went under Linda's car and was a write off. Also said according to the hospital report he had to be off work for months. He actually never fell off the bike and there was not a scratch on it so it was all fabrication to make money and the police sergeant should have seen this straight away – not allowing it to go any further instead of wasting public money and time.

One has to be very careful these days – that’s why I shared this with you as friends.

Kind regards
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