Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Business Courses For Permanent Residents?

It was reported that six bus loads of 240 permanent residents purportedly of Indonesians, Cambodians and Bangladeshis were ferried to a remote Bangi resort to attend a business entrepreneurship course.

Our Home Minister has said he has no knowledge about such course being offered to permanent residents.

What a privilege we have here in Malaysia for the permanent residents.

Even the poor Malaysians don't even get to smell such a course for themselves.

This course is being funded by Malaysian taxpayers but if you, as a Malaysian is interested, sorry not for you brother because you are not a foreigner who had just obtained permanent residency.

It's not to benefit Malaysians. Who cares if you are unable to meet your high cost of living.

I wonder who organised the business course?

I wonder who gets paid to bring in those permanent residents?

I wonder who gets paid for renting those buses?

Can we as Malaysians request for such course to be provided on FOC basis by the government within the next two months? And I mean for all Malaysians .............

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