Sunday, September 14, 2008

Controversial Arrests in Malaysia

The Sin Chew Daily reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng, has been released on Saturday afternoon after being taken from Penang and was supposed to be brought to the police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Her entourage stopped at Perak police headquarters at Ipoh instead and didn't proceed further.

Her arrest was confirmed to be under the Section 73(1) of the Internal Security Act ("ISA"). Then out of nowhere, the kind hearted Minister of the Home Ministry, which is in charge of such issuance of such kind of warrant of arrest, has clarified that his ministry didn't issue any warrant of arrest but the police themselves did it.

The Home Minister then said this "Tan was detained because her life was threatened" which led everyone to believe it could be due to her reporting about racist remarks blurted out by the recalcitrant Ahmad Ismail.

Tan was confirmed to be arrested under the ISA but now it was mentioned that she was arrested because her life was in danger. Now that she has been released, her life is not in danger anymore within a space of 20 hours????? Who told the police that her life was threatened and who told the police that her life is save right now????

She didn't ask for protection but the police found it right to detain her. Note that she has been detained under ISA and nothing was mentioned that she was given police protection instead.

In the case of that fella who claimed to be sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim - he reported to police on his sodomy situation, he sought for police protection as he thought his life was under threat and police took him under their wings and provided security to ensure his safety.

Home Minister said that these actions were taken due to majority's wishes. Who are the majority people? Name them, don't just treat as a three years old kid? Of which they are doing it of course. What a vast difference on treatment accorded. Reason?

The police is still investigating on the numerous police reports made against Ahmad Ismail? Tan was arrested within a short period. Ahmad is planning a roadshow to explain his side of the story. Further instigation???????

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Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

The actions doesn't make sense the reasons doesn't make sense either...

14 September, 2008 12:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

reasons created by them to suit their ownself only

15 September, 2008 09:43  
Blogger Unknown said...

haiz...the more the they act, the more stupid things and unreasonable thing would happen...
anytime, anywhere....we might get detain for unknown reason (@__@)

15 September, 2008 10:05  
Blogger foongpc said...

That must be the dumbest excuse to come from a minister! First time I hear you use ISA to protect the people! So now that the reporter is released, she suddenly no longer in danger? What crap! Even a kid can come out with better excuse.

15 September, 2008 13:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, this is a very confusing country, with confusing roadsigns, confusing ppl, etc... lol....

15 September, 2008 15:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

nkw@i - they shld have acted based on concrete evidence

foong - that was the issue. she was safe after 18 hrs of isa detention???? if they knew there were killers out there, aren't they supposed to catch the killers and put them into isa instead

cazzy - what are you talking about actually????

16 September, 2008 09:11  
Blogger =chuan guan= said...

they r just abusing power..omg omg

17 September, 2008 20:33  
Blogger meiphing said...

the whole episode is ridiculous!

say NO to ISA !

18 September, 2008 17:59  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

chunguan - yeah, right on

phingy - agree

18 September, 2008 18:11  

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