Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Austerity by Sabah Govt

The Malaysian government has put up austerity measures in order to save at least RM2 billion in view of the rising fuel and costs in all aspects of life. In showing its seriousness, the Council on Tackling Inflation was set up.

The government said that it felt the hardship and should lead by example in this current economy and gave out guidelines on what areas to cut cost. Details of the austerity measures are as follows:-

- paid vacation for ministers and deputy ministers would be limited to the Asean region only and the duration should not exceed one week.

- restrict overseas travel where it would only be allowed for official duties involving important international conferences and meetings only or inter-governmental meetings and the number of such ministry or department officials involved should not exceed three.

- use of hotel facilities was only allowed for international meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops. All courses, training and workshops organised by the ministries, departments and agencies must be restricted using existing facilities at the ministries, departments and agencies concerned including the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

- renting of new and additional office space, moving to another building or making renovations to the existing office were also prohibited.

- any expenditure for the purchase of assets including the buying of cars, furniture, computers and other office equipment which had yet to be committed should be postponed.

- functions such as the official opening of offices, conferences, meetings, workshops, courses and prize giving should be restricted and if held, these functions must be held on a modest scale without incurring much expenses to ensure there was no wastage. The expenditure on decorations and food must be modest and wherever possible, the functions must be held in existing government facilities.

- no need to make special shirts merely to be worn for the official opening, for just a day but if it was necessary, it should be confined to books, local handicrafts and food items.

- freezing of new posts in government departments to cut down on public expenditure except for certain and critical posts in the fields of education, health and enforcement as well as posts that could directly increase national revenue collection.

BUT, the Sabah state government has other viewpoints on this austerity measures being put up by the federal government especially on the food and the venue to have the food.

The office of the Chief Minister of Sabah held a Hi-Tea function at one of the exclusive hotel in Sabah, Pacific Sutera, on 23 Aug 2008.

That too, the function room was booked from 9am to 8pm. Hi-tea served throughout the day?

Looks like it was not modest at all. Lead by example? Or Bernama news agency didn't hear that it was not applicable in Sabah?

Maybe the call for austerity measures was only mentioned in early August 2008 and this function was planned three months ago (just like the field trip to Taiwan) and with deposits paid, it has to go on?

Nowadays news agency are being reported of not hearing things properly and distorted the facts.
Reading: Ministers' Entertainment Allowance Reduced By 10 Per Cent - Bernama

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(Picture sourced from TNH)
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it's a norm here in KK to have these ministers to lavish themselves...(not all but certainly most of them :p )

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it'll be nice if we have more pics of them doin so

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