Friday, January 09, 2009

Kids Train at Army's Training Ground

USA kids are being exposed to army's training or I can say being superimposed into real life battlegrounds. This facility, fitted with state of the art army technologies, could drive you nuts as if you were fighting in a real battle.

In Army Experience Centre ("AEC") has been set up at a cost of US$12 million occupying 15,000 square feet in the Franklin Mills Mall, Philadelphia.

This centre's aim is to expose and educate the kids on the army's career. It also serves as a recruitment centre as well. This mall must be one of the safest as active armies on duty are based at the AEC.

There is a real AH-64 Apache being put into the centre to stir that adrenalin even though it's only a simulation.

Age limit - 13 years old and above. Teens will only be exposed to lesser violence simulated war.

An actual size HMMWV Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) has been fitted with submachine guns modelled after the actual weaponaries.

The simulation in the UH-60 Black Hawk is just as exciting.

The best thing is - FREE entrance. If this facility is available in Malaysia, I'm sure many teens / youth will definitely think about joining the army unit.

Those days I do frequent the cyber cafe playing the Counter Strike pc game against other gamers that could number up to thirty plus people. That's real fun but nothing compared to what's being offered in AEC.

In the AEC gaming arena, there are PC based games and XBox games where people play war related games. Games available are from the Tom Clancy and Call of Duty series.

If you are residing at Philadelphia, go and enjoy the simulated battles. If you are good, they will recruit you ........... hehe

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