Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sabah Government Ditched Proton Perdana

Proton Holdings Berhad ("Proton") is in the midst of launching their latest car model, Proton Exora, a 7 seater MPV. After this nationwide launching, will Proton resolve the expensive maintenance for its Proton Perdana models?

Sabah, the third state government in Malaysia, has decided to replace its fleet of Proton Perdanas now. To top the whole thing, Sabah's purchases of Volvo cars would be used by its 12 ministers and 16 assistant ministers. Will there be twenty eight new cars or certain cars will be shared? I don't think it'll be shared lah ...... hehe

It didn't mention which particular Volvo car model that they will be buying. Reason for buying the Volvo cars - they will be cheaper to maintain.

When the then Perak government that was governed by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (now forcefully grabbed by Barisan Nasional) bought sixteen new Toyota Camry cars, the then state government was criticised for being non-patriotic in using foreign cars. The then Perak state government was 'slapped' right left centre for purchasing those cars.

Now, you could hear a pin drop even if the pin was dropped in Sabah itself. It's deafening silence from Barisan Nasional ("BN") members ............... not a single word in criticising Sabah's move.

So, the criticisms poured onto the then Perak state government was purely political motivated in order to destroy the opposition state government. Sabah, under the ruling BN coalition, is safe from changing their existing Proton Perdanas to even more exclusive and expensive Volvo cars.

Simple thing like this, you could see double standards. BN shoot others but can't see what's before their very own eyes.

Reading: Sabah government to replace Perdana cars with Volvos - Star

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Blogger Twilight Man said...

I am half Malaysian and half Thai where both sides's government are running circus. So malu and I often shook my head in disbelief that both sides have similar squabbles and shortcomings.

23 February, 2009 02:44  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Volvo.... Good and reliable car but high cost for spare parts

23 February, 2009 09:12  
Blogger levian said...

the inconsistency makes me laugh. people can really say one thing n do another. on the other hand, proves what kinda person (or organization) they are! :p

23 February, 2009 10:11  
Blogger foongpc said...

Well, what else is new here? Politicians are just not to be trusted! : )

23 February, 2009 15:52  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

I hope the supporters who blindly protested in Perak will take note of this news

23 February, 2009 17:42  
Blogger Kay Leaf said...


Time to CHANGE lor...

24 February, 2009 10:38  
Blogger Unknown said...

volvo? palui juga durang neh..ambik super ninja turtle terus bah hahaha...both sides also got cancer one...all politicians the same.

25 February, 2009 14:39  
Blogger Kev said...

No matter which Volvo model - I'm quite sure it's the S40 at least - it's gonna burn a big hole, and it's definitely more expensive than a Camry!! What a waste of funds.

25 February, 2009 22:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight zone - many shortcomings in these politicians. plain politicians only and not professional in their duties

borneo - yeah .... its going to be heavy in that spare parts area

levian - they are not called politicians for nothing haha

foong - nothing's new but i still want to blog abt it

simon - some people just cldn't decide what's wrong or correct

kay - it will happen

sky - we just cannot accept "the same" and do nothing abt it. that's where the people will decide

kev - haha, s40 is a nice car.

01 March, 2009 23:15  

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