Friday, January 22, 2010

Playing With Religious Fire

Two surau (place dedicated for muslims to pray) have been the target of arsonists. This month itself, various churches were aimed at and a cabinet minister said naughty boys could be involved. Are these committed by naughty boys again?

I'm saying that they are not naugthy boys but there are people out there who do not want peace to happen in Malaysia. These people wanted some chaos for reasons only known to them. These culprits behind the scene are definitely cowards.

But I know nothing would change their course even after being called a coward. Their motives are very desperate and firm about creating disturbances via the sensitive topic of race and religion.

Attacking the churches didn't stir the anger out of the Christians' (usually Chinese and Indians) hearts lately. What's their alternative?

Their aim - do the same thing but this time it's the mosques and suraus. For sure, the Muslims (the Malays) will react.

What I can say is that whoever is taking this route, be prepared for God's fury later on.

I definitely condemn these attacks on the two suraus located in Muar. All Malaysians who read about such attacks on religious places should not fall for these cowards' games. No right minded Malaysians will want to see chaos in Malaysia.
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Blogger lina said...

Someone/some group is sure hell bent in causing tension between the people in this country, it seems.

22 January, 2010 13:37  
Blogger foongpc said...

Yes I also believe there is a group out there trying to create disharmony in Malaysia. People just have to be wise enough and not react.

22 January, 2010 14:46  

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