Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Malaysians Confused About 1Malaysia

Malaysians Confused About 1Malaysia - I thought of this blogpost title after reading the following article found in Bernama, People Still Do Not Understand Fully 1Malaysia Concept, Says Information DG.

It mentioned that "80 per cent of the people interviewed knew about the concept but were not able to explain what it really stood for." I know why. Mainly because of various parties which are closely linked to the government have caused the confusions. These parties (media and NGOs) kept stirring racial and religion sentiments in this multi-racial / religious country.

It's because of this that the people are unable to explain what it stood for regardless that 1Malaysia has eight aspirations.

At the same time, the controversial National Civics Bureau (BTN) is in the midst of organising 500 1Malaysia seminars for the private sector and non-governmental organisations. As based on their own research, they found that Malaysians were unclear on the application of values to realise the concept.

If this 1Malaysia concept was announced recently I would understand if the people are still unclear or misunderstood it. But it was announced way back on 16 Sept 2008. It's past seventeen months now and the people still cannot grasp the whole idea??????

So sad.

The prime minister stated this - A Truly United Malaysia If People Embrace 1Malaysia Values.

Couldn't agree more but how sincere is the government, its respective ministries, state governments (be it under BN or PR), the mainstream media (which is fully under the control of the government via various parties linked to them). All talk but action is otherwise, what's the point?

FYI, we are not fools!
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Blogger Ted said...

Sept 2008? That long ago? Oh I understood what 1 Malaysia is very clearly. Its very much a political move.

17 March, 2010 21:58  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

Talking about the media, in order to spice up their stories, they are so going the extra miles to really goreng all different kinda issues, by introducing and magnifying the elements of race, religion and things that lead to polarization. May be there should be a One Malaysia Daily...but then again, it's gonna be pro-government. Well, it's this hard to actualli pull out your leg after having plunged into deep mud.

Js a question. How u see the One-ness in current status of MCA???

17 March, 2010 22:45  
Blogger lina said...

I don't really understand what it stands for actually.
And I'm really sick of the "1" thing being stuck to everything from Government propaganda to commercial items to selling products.

18 March, 2010 13:10  

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