Monday, March 15, 2010

Many U-Turn Professionals

The government has many U-turn pros working within various departments. They announced major proposals only to delay or defer or cancel those proposals later on.

Which one?

* Real Property Gains Tax
The tax proposal of a flat rate 5% tax on all properties regardless of the holding period (especially for those held more than 5 years) was suggested in during the Budget 2010 but has been scrapped now. Why? I thought many thoughtful meetings were held before this was announced in the budget.

Reading: Raising revenue via real property gains tax - Star

* Two Tiered Fuel Subsidy
The confusing and tedious approach in getting the subsidised fuel at each petrol station for each consumer has been scrapped. One will ask why a proper study was not done in the first place before announcing something that big that will involve heavy implementation cost and major public education.

Reading: Proposed tiered fuel subsidy scrapped -

* Goods and Services Tax
The second reading of this proposal was supposed to be held in the parliament today but was deferred. Why? Not prepared? One reason given earlier i.e. yesterday (yeah, before the parliament sitting today) was "lack in input from the general public". It was mentioned that input was only gathered from private sector. Who are these people in the private sector?

Even the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers suggested a different approach which is to implement the Retail Sales Tax (what's this anyway?!?!?!) instead. Didn't consult the business sector too?

But I like what the GST (read it somewhere and it sounded so perfect) acronym stands for in this case - Go Squeeze Them!

Reading: Second Reading Of GST Bill Dependent On Public Input - Bernama

Way way before the above, they u-turned on the teaching of Maths & Science in English language.
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Blogger bZbee said...

they dont give a crap about anything..whatever good in the news are the opposite...assuming the people loves listening to good news only....
in fact, they ammended lots of laws in Sabah even the people don't know about it..talking about "berjuang untuk rakyat" it's more like berjuang untuk kepentingan sendiri...
Sabahan's go figure out your elected government...

for all we know...after building the dam and digging the coal in Sabah, the election might be held end of this year...

16 March, 2010 06:32  
Anonymous John Uy said...

lol, this kind of crap happens to you guys, too, does it? Canada is not much better.

17 March, 2010 00:05  
Blogger Ted said...

Hahah 'Go Squeeze Them!' How true!

17 March, 2010 13:14  
Blogger lina said...

I stopped caring about whatever crap our "esteemed" government dish out. We'll all suffer for it, in the end. :(

17 March, 2010 18:04  

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