Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Street Drinkers To Be Arrested

In Sudan, alcohol drinks are not permitted so we don't have to talk about drinking at pubs or wherever you want to.

In the UK, you are permitted to drink but somehow there are some restrictions being placed. Of all places, it's not permitted around the Old Trafford stadium that belongs to Manchester United at certain timing.

As per the Designated Public Places Order (DPPO), the police from the Greater Manchester Police’s Trafford Division can stop you and request you to surrender your alcohol drinks in the street especially on match days.

If you decide not to surrender your precious alcohol drink, be prepared to receive a £50 fine or alternatively, you can save some money on accommodation as you will get a free one night stay in jail.

I thought jailing people for alcohol related offence in the street is only heard in Islamic country.
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Greater Manchester Police’s Trafford Division, Designated Public Places Order, DPPO



Blogger lina said...

I guess they had to do that to minimise hooliganism and the cost of vandalised public property made by intoxicated drinkers.

24 March, 2010 13:35  
Blogger Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

That's an enlightening post to me. Guess the enforcement in Manchester's there to limit the agressiveness and weapons among the games' supporters?

24 March, 2010 18:19  
Anonymous Cebu attractions said...

drinking session should be place in proper place and time.

25 March, 2010 16:29  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - yeah, hooliganism there is quite rampant

akira - correct as its only during match days

cebu - that's the ideal part of it

31 March, 2010 13:14  

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