Monday, December 20, 2010

First Spaceport Is Ready

You have heard of airport but what about a spaceport.

The world's first commercial spaceport is being built in near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico state and it has been named Spaceport America. It's owned by the state, built at a cost of US$198 million and it's runway is about two miles long.

Yes, that's the name of the place where the spaceport is located haha.

As of now, the only people that have gone up to space at this point of time are the astronauts and the too wealthy cum whom you know people.

But with this spaceport being made available, the reality of flying up to the space is becoming a dream come true for those who has it. Has what? You must be loaded as well as it won't come any cheaper just to have a seat on a 'spaceship' of such nature.

Of course, you need a spacecraft to fly you up from the spaceport too. A company that is eagerly waiting to launch their spaceship? spacecraft? spaceflight? whatever you call it is Virgin Galatic ("VG"). VG, a space tourism company, will be obtaining their spacecrafts from the Spaceship Company ("SC"), partly owned by the Virgin Group, which has been testing their spacecraft since 2004.

SC's spacecraft by the name of SpaceshipTwo is undergoing massive rocket testings to prepare for its maiden flight in nine to eighteen months' time.

VG will be the main anchor tenant at Spaceport America.

The person linked to all this space ventures is none other than Sir Richard Branson.

If you are really keen to be part of this historic space trip, you can register your name with SpaceShipTwo. In order to fly, you have to make a deposit with them. Of course, otherwise any Tom, Dick and Harry will be applying for it and not turning up on that day itself.

Although it's becoming a reality, it will only be a dream come true for the millionaires around the world. According to Forbes, there are about 10 million, I'm referring to the US$1 million cash, millionaires in the world today.

Hmmmmm that's a large market but if not wrong, a lot of them are quite old and not fit to board such flight. I don't mind becoming a proxy to fly on your behalf.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this. Its a fascinating idea to travel to space, and to relive one's childhood dreams of experiencing weightlessness plus seeing the whole Earth in its entirety.

Wishing you a Galactic Christmas!

23 December, 2010 07:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

it's really a breakthrough and kudos to those investors

02 January, 2011 02:26  

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