Thursday, May 24, 2012

Improper Advert

Saw this advertisement placed by Groupon Malaysia on behalf of International Islamic University of Malaysia (''IIUM"). On the email section, we can see that the Construction Business MBA is being offered at a discount rate of up to 70% with a price of RM2,000. Just by reading this, you would have really thought that the actual price is RM6,666.66 and now that IIUM is giving a discount of RM4,666.66 and you only need to pay RM2,000.

Any person would have quickly click onto the advertisement to read further.

Well, on the actual Groupon page for this same advertisement, it reads "[30% Off] Construction Business MBA from International Islamic University of Malaysia for RM17,500 instead of RM25,050. Pay RM2,000 up front and remainder upon admission."
So, it's correct that you need to pay RM2,000 BUT that's just the up front fee.

This advert is to mislead you and purposely put it in a way to catch your attention or your curiousity got better of you.

I strongly advise Groupon Malaysia to put that email advert part right i.e. to change it to Discount up to 30% with RM2,000 (up front fee) being mentioned.

Although buyers are supposed to read the fine print or caveat emptor applies but I personally feel that such catchy words shouldn't be used. We must have ethics in whatever we do and the duty is ours, not just sitting there and hope that the other person sees it and act on it.

As this is an advert for education, we are not teaching the people the right thing even right from the beginning.



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