Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rubbish Dump Fire

Few weeks back in the late Sunday afternoon, a plot of land behind my residential area was burning out of control. Not sure if it was an illegal dumping ground or that it belongs to some factories there.

It was about 150m away from the last row of houses in the residential area.

It was thick black smoke. Though I can't smell anything but ashes were raining down on those witnessing the fire. Toxic?

Within seconds on seeing that it was quite serious, I asked those two guys who were standing there earlier "Have anyone made a call to the fire station?". They responded "Don't know, we just came only". They were there before I arrived ..........

That's our public apathy. Each one waiting for someone else to do it and these people will be fast to blame others for not doing anything if something was to happen to them.

When I called the emergency number 999, the operator asked for details of the area on fire. I told her it's behind my residential area and I told her it was somewhere near the Kg. Bohol area. That operator was not sure of the place and asked me to provide a more detailed address.

I told her it was a fire burning into the forest area. I have told her on the estimated route to go that area. Still she requested for more details saying that the place is not easily understood.

Fed up, I told her to just pass the call to the fire station nearest to my place, which is the Bukit Jalil fire station. I told her if the personnels at Bukit Jalil fire station were to come out from their fire station, they would definitely see the thick black smoke and they'll be guided by that smoke signal. I guarantee that because I'm seeing it with my own eyes (raising my voice at this point).

She could sense my seriousness now. When the call was passed to the Bukit Jalil fire station, the guy who took my call said that they already knew about the fire and had dispatched their personnels there. Good job! But not for the operator because she was wasting precious time.

At this point of time, a number of the neighbours were there to geh poh chi (busybody). Not one person asked whether a call was made to the fire station.

Saw one guy, seems like a reporter or something like that, busy taking pictures with his high end camera and other gadgets but didn't make any calls to the fire station.

The best is yet to come ........ after standing there for a moment I noticed two elderly men came in their car. Walking to the spot where you can see this fire with the best view.

And he said this "Don't know whether the firemen are already there to put out this fire".

I felt like saying "Uncle, if you haven't made the call to the fire station, how do you expect them to be there?".

That's Malaysia and maybe for many Malaysians.

Some complained about the government day in day out but when you asked them whether they have voted in the last general election .............. do you know the answer? ....... Its a big NO!
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Blogger Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Wow Johnny, so pissed off! Cool man. But really, the lady pisses me off too! LoL..

30 March, 2010 21:00  
Blogger Ted said...

Last Sunday the grassy area behind my in-laws house was burning too. My in-laws called bomba, they came and had a look and said nothing to worry and left without doing anything. After an hour the fire got really huge and some houses nearby got freaked out. They called them to come back again but after few hours only did they respond again. Now why didnt they put it out in first place?

31 March, 2010 09:37  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

akira - what lady? not pissed but disappointed by such malaysians

ted - they didnt receive any payment??? hehe

31 March, 2010 10:58  
Blogger akatsukiotoko said...

i realized that there are many out there who are selfish and only care about themselves without caring for the others. sad sad.

31 March, 2010 12:39  
Blogger bZbee said...

typical malaysian attitude, "if it has nothing to do with me, why bother"

well, not for me, i do not call 999 or whatsoever operator, i directly call the police station (i believe that they have my number in their program by now), calling operator is like talking to an untrained dog, you repeat, they act duh...

in most cases, i even call the cops on every occasion e.g accidents, fights involving accidents, fire, bad police attitude like whistling to a girl/lady, believe me, i've done all those even asking them to send me home one night after i was being bag snatched by a motorcyclist (night shift at CBTL).

02 April, 2010 05:21  

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