Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is World Cup 2010 Fixed?

Lord Triesman is now the former chairman of the English Football Association and England's 2018 World Cup bid team as he has resigned from both of the positions.

This resignation came after he has revealed that Spain will be getting Russia, who didn't qualify for the coming World Cup 2010, to 'buy' some referees in next month's World Cup to be held in South Africa.

Why is Russia being so accommodating in helping Spain?
It seems that both Spain and Russia are putting up a bid to host the World Cup in the year of 2018. Spain was alleged to have offered Russia that Spain will pull out of the race provided Russia helps to settle with some of the referees in next month's World Cup. That Spain will also support Russia's bid and will help to obtain votes from the Latin Americans to support Russia as well.

This puts the World Cup 2010's integrity into a big question - has the World Cup 2010 been fixed?

Does Lord Triesman know something that we all don't know?
Was Lord Triesman a whistleblower in this case?

Lord Triesman was actually entrapped by a former aide of his during his posting with the government. This traitor former aide of his somehow sold the recordings of the personal conversation to Mail on Sunday newspaper. Lord Triesman not knowing the entrapment spoke from what he knew already or from his heart. His recorded conversation was released to Mail on Sunday, after a few other publishers had been approached possibly on price tag issue, and published publicly.

Well, the former aide was rumoured to be his 'mistress', Ms. Melissa Jacobs. Poured out everything not knowing she will betray him. It seems that this girl has a second batch of recordings yet to be released. Presumably looking for a higher price tag since the first batch of recordings have fetched an unsurmountable worldwide interests.

The English Football Association even tried to get a High Court injunction to prevent the article from being published.

There goes everything, maybe even English Football Association's chance to host the World Cup 2018. Melissa Jacobs not only destroyed Lord Triesman's reputation but a multi-millions of potential businesses if England was to host the World Cup 2018. English fans of this era/generation may have been robbed of their chance to witness the best show on earth right at their doorsteps. You can say thanks to her.

Personally, Lord Triesman shouldn't be put on trial here as I expected the FIFA to act and investigate further on his purported claim. It will be a disaster if what he claimed was true. Anyway, FIFA's Ethics Committee has requested English Football Association to provide a report on what was alleged by Lord Triesman.

Your World Cup 2010 might be fixed! So, don't put so high hope for your favourite team as the winner could have been decided waaaaaaay before the first ball is kicked in South Africa. Spain to progress all the way to the finals? Let's watch!

Now, let me guess who will host the World Cup 2018. Will FIFA's 24 executive committee members decide on Russia? We will see!

Reading: FA chief Lord Triesman accuses Spain and Russia of bid to bribe World Cup referees - Mail On Sunday
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Blogger Ted said...

Wow, even before any balls are kicked. Very interesting, we shall see in the coming weeks.

18 May, 2010 12:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

coming to reality? spain's in semis now

05 July, 2010 13:13  
Anonymous Enrico said...

Spain indeed in the Finals, sadfull Germany played so poor that the officials not needed to do so much to let them win. If it is true we know sunday, hope the Dutch will win

08 July, 2010 15:33  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

enrico-germany missed thomas muller indeed

09 July, 2010 08:21  
Blogger 896k.s said...

i knew that this world cup is fixed and as the world cup proceeded it was almost clear that Spain is gonna win the world cup but i did not knew about this particular statement so it is proved and the officials could not help Spain more then they already helped them Spain got the fifa fair play award even though they were the most unfair team participating in the world cup they got only 4 yellow cards up to the final spain the most fair team of the world cup thats the biggest joke of the century actually history

13 July, 2010 04:51  
Blogger Unknown said...

You got it right on point, this is the truth, how come no one talks to in in mainstream media?

oh i new the NWO thingamaggiga or whatever that means in a dumb downed society.

20 July, 2010 23:48  
Blogger 896k.s said...

they dont talk about this theme in the media because its not only the officials whom the Spanish paid its a whole bunch of crocks who are involved. the fifa could be also involved or at least some of the fifa officials if this news would leak out any further there could be a big mess. and it was not only that the officials who judged the matches of spain but also the other official in the matches of the other teams who could be the possible opponent of spain in their next matches were also paid and acted according to plan for example when germany played against spain first muller was missing due to red card which was wrong and about 5 to 6 of their main players were booked whit a yellow card any small mistake against spain and they could get another yellow card which means they could not participate in the final that is another reason why germany did not play well against spain.

27 July, 2010 19:58  
Anonymous Josh Mc said...

And here we are 5 months later, and you look like a genuis. Looks like the fix was in.

03 December, 2010 00:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think about it all. David Villa hits a guy in the face - fIFA disciplinary committee (headed by a Spaniard) says he has no case to answer,- escapes 3 match ban. Spanish players diving got THREE opponents sent off in seven games. Spain had two offside winning goals out of only 8 goals they scored in the whole WC. No Spanish players were penalised for blatant diving or playacting. And was the Spain-Portugal actually a real bid for 2018? In Spain practically nothing was ever mentioned about their own bid.

05 December, 2010 07:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummmmm wow, this guy is better than the octopus lol!

14 January, 2011 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The publisher of this article deserves a round of applause. Everything turned out to be just like he said: Spain won the world cup, and Russia won the bid to host the world cup on 2018. Seems like CORRUPTION is an international theme

21 January, 2011 12:59  

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