Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Here, the World Cup 2010

It's here, the 4 years of waiting for the next World Cup. South Africa will be the host for this World Cup 2010 and the first to be held in the African continent.

The controversial football manufactured just for this world cup, dislike by the goalies. We will see its effect in the next 1 month.

The stadiums were completed on time.

One day, I'll be amongst the World Cup spectators. That's my dream but unfortunately, it won't be this World Cup.

And even more unfortunately, the safety for fans is one of the main talking points there.

3 Greek football players had their monies stolen from their hotel rooms and journalists covering the World Cup from China have been robbed at knifepoint. Earlier, Spanish and Portuguese journalists were robbed off their equipments.
Reading: Greek players, Chinese reporters robbed

Starting tonight, I'll be having sleepless nights (my own doing of course) ...... for 1 month.

It'll be the start of many new excuses or the resurgence of some excuses not used since the last World Cup to be used to support their absenteeism.

As the World Cup commences, the following people will be the ones not happy with it:-

* Mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends - unless they like football, the next 1 month is the month that they will be deprived of attention or the tv will be occupied from 7.30pm to 4am.

* Bosses - they will have workers with panda eyes walking around like zombies. Many MCs will be submitted in order to recover from the "no-sleep days".

* Restaurant / cafe / mamak - those owners that don't have TVs in their premises will cry because customers will flock to those that put up big white screens.

Any more poor fellas I missed out?

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Blogger Ted said...

Heheh, many sleepless nights ahead my fren! I'll take one month leave if possible.

11 June, 2010 12:51  
Anonymous netster said...

HEllo friend how are you? :)

Ouch! those robbed of their belonging are sad. on knife point somemore. sad

I am not a football fan so... not really effecting me.

Happy worldcup month to you :)

13 June, 2010 22:40  
Blogger lina said...

A couple of managers in my dept had inidicated to me that they are planning to take half days leaves during the WC.

14 June, 2010 14:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - u see, i only had time now to update on my comments due to world cup tiredness

netster - did u give it a miss at all?

line - i took leave for the quarters and semis

09 July, 2010 08:26  

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