Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Khartoum Life

The van in front of us has a spoiler right above the van ..... preparing to take off ???

Over here, the owner of this office made sure that people knows where to find his office.

Before we start our meeting, we indulge in the Sudanese breakfast called 'foul' ...... pronounced as fool. FYI, I'm still clever after eating it.

You eat the foul by dipping your bread into it and try to scoop the right amount of foul in tandem with the size of the bread in your hand.

What's foul? Egyptian dish made of fava beans. First the beans go in the bowl, then it is time for the toppings: a little cumin, chopped onions, fresh parsley, pepper, salt, and olive oil.

Street mobile vendors - nope, they don't sell mobile phone but they are mobile enough to walk at all the traffic light junctions showing the goods they in their hands.

Sometimes I would notice that when a driver bought something from them and gave them a big currency note, the street vendor would take that money and run over to his other fellow street vendors looking for smaller note denomination.

By that time, the cars would have moved a bit to the front and this street vendor would be running towards that car.

Normally, the street vendor would be walking around cars that are quite far away from the traffic lights, in case the car moves on during a green light with their goods still in the hands of the car driver.

Lots of them. To me, at least they are trying to make a living with their own two feet.
But one of my local colleagues did mention that some of those goods could be stolen goods and sold off to unknowing car drivers.



Blogger Rosse said...

street mobile vendors just like in the Philippines :)

20 March, 2009 14:47  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

rosy - never been to philippines

22 March, 2009 22:20  

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