Friday, March 13, 2009

Most Famous Tree in Malaysia

Malaysia has unveiled its most famous tree recently. This tree shaded the 'unrecognised' Perak state government's assembly (this state controlled by opposition parties was unrecognised by the present ruling federal govt of course). Major decisions were proposed and voted upon under the shade of this historical tree.

The Perak state govt (as I like to call it that way) has unveiled a plaque at the feet of this famous tree.

Some people will find it a waste of time to do such a thing. Why not carry out the works instead of standing under the tree again.

Well, the unrecognised politicians have been barred from entering the state government building and all thrown out from their offices even though they were elected by the people for the people.

This tree has been given the name of The Tree Democracy.

The plaque in its glory.

Not long after that, Malaysians who passes by that area will take opportunity to take picture with that glorifying tree and plaque. Name me one tree in Malaysia where large group of people line up to take pictures with.

There are people who don't like this plaque at all. They found it offensive and illegal. They can't stand that this tree and plaque have been idolised by the general public. So, in order to stop the people from forming a cult, they destroyed the plague for the good of the people.

To them "Gloryfying plaque? ......... my foot!"

We will see when they plan to destroy that famous tree. Maybe a town council plan will state the the road needs to be widen and that tree is in the pathway ........... as the saying goes, Malaysia Boleh.

(Photos were sourced from Lim Kit Siang and Muslimeen United)
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Blast those ignorant people. I had plan to see the tree with my own eyes. Hope they don't go to the extreme and chop it down

14 March, 2009 15:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

as of now, u don't get to see the plaque anymore haha

24 May, 2009 06:25  

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