Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your Shit Is Not Worthless Anymore

Yeah, the title as above will be true once your shit (the one that you dispose of at the toilet) is proved to be usable commercially by the motor industry. Human waste is the alternate description if you can't stand the rude word of "shit".

Wessex Water plc in England is testing shit ....... oops I mean human waste that was extracted from the sewerage.

A Volkswagen Beetle car was fitted with an improvised engine system that could propel its engine with just gas produced from human waste.

How does it work?

GENeco, a subsidiary of Wessex Water plc, used specialty equipment that could turn methane gas during sewage treatment works, a natural by-product of our human waste, into a type of gas useful for motor vehicles. This treated gas is then pumped into the motor vehicle to run its engine.

But I like the following statistic - "waste flushed down toilets of just 70 homes in Bristol is enough to power the Bio-Bug for a year, based on an annual mileage of 10,000 miles."

In order to have more motor vehicles running in this manner, we have to shit more? The more shit produced, the more environment friendly in this case. On the other hand, our country's national sewerage company can earn some extra money by selling our shit to them or we start producing the same type of gas too.

This is really a good sustainability programme. It does help the environment by reducing carbon dioxide produced by petrol / diesel motor vehicles' engines.

Reading: YTL UK unit tests sewage as alternative energy source - ytlcommunity
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Blogger Ted said...

I'm always fascinated by news like this. I believe that there is always some higher calling for my shit. Hahah.

26 August, 2010 11:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

I like the 2 words u used - higher calling haha

30 August, 2010 10:23  
Blogger harsh said...

That's really a very good use of shit one can have. This technique can really save a lot of energy. Also I can suggest one point to the water audit services, that not only human shit, also animal dungs can be used to enhance the production of bio gas.

29 September, 2011 15:58  

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