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Godsend / Man On Fire - movie review

Godsend - starring Greg Kinnear, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Robert De Niro & Cameron Bright. While shopping with his mom one day, the little boy was killed in an unfortunate road accident. A stem cell research doctor approach the boy's parents at the funeral to obtain their permission to 'create' a similar boy through scientific technology. Reluctantly and hesitantly they agreed as the love for their son was too much to bear.

Time passes by and a baby boy was born and as he grew up, his facial similarity could be seen. Only weird thing is that the young boy seems to has nightmare day in day out (yeah even during day time). He sees weird things and eerie sounds. Bringing him back to the doctor, he was declared sound and fit. But things didn't go well the moment the boy passes the age of his 'previous'. He reacts violently and was revengefull towards people.

He almost killed his mother and his dad reprimanded the doctor for the botched job. In the end, they found out that the stem cell placed was a stem cell that belonged to the doctor's dead son. Complication arose and things went awry. Suspense thriller movie which could be classified as horror due to the director's brilliant ways of playing with the nightmares and sound integrated into the movie. It's more of a conspiracy cooked up by the doctor.

Man On Fire - starring Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning & Marc Anthony. A middle age couple has hired a tough guy to be their only young daugther's bodyguard. The bodyguard has to monitor her movements, ensuring her safety, bringing her to school and back home, following her to the piano classes & standing by her side in school sports.

Day by day, a feeling of closeness has developed between Denzel and Dakota. He became her swimming coach and managed to help her to win a particular swimming race. One day, while she was having her piano class, a group of known gangsters wanted to kidnap Dakota and Denzel has to be at his best to deny that opportunity. Unfortunately, he was hurt badly and the gangsters wanted him killed as he has killed a few of their guys. Moved out of hospital by a clean cop to ensure his safety, Denzel later teamed up with this cop and a brave lady reporter to expose the corrupted police force and find out who kidnapped the young girl.

One by one was hunted down to catch the big fish. News got around and his mission was getting more dangerous. Eventually, the hunting/investigation led him to one person that Denzel himself couldn't have expected. It was Dakota's own dad. Even finding out the answer, he has yet to find Dakota. Sacrificing his life, he made sure that the little girl was out of danger. A final hug of good bye between them was the most touching moment. He finished job and did his job well. He surrendered himself to the kidnappers to ensure her safety.

Marvellous story line and such incident could happen in the life of such gangster bosses.
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Blogger Leon Jackson said...

I loved man of fire man. it had everything i like in a movie, God, faith, guilt, ethics, kick but action, justice and gentleness and love for a little girl - awesome!

04 January, 2007 00:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

it was a good movie indeed. shows good ethics tho not the right kind of ethics at times ... u know what i mean

16 April, 2008 15:00  

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