Monday, June 11, 2007

World Refugee Day 2007

Every year World Refugee Day is remembered on 20 June. This year, a carnival will be held on 15 June 2007 organised by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Malaysia (UNHCR Malaysia)where it focuses on refugee children.

This event is held to provide the refugee children a chance where they rarely have to play outside in a safe environment. The refugee children are normally without a proper upbringing in terms of childhood life. What is life like playing at the playground? What is it like to be playing with kids of your age without any worries?

The funds available for the UNHCR Malaysia is generally for the protection of refugees and assistance to them. In order for this carnival to be a success, UNHCR Malaysia seeks the support from private companies/individuals in Malaysia. It will be a modest event, a chance for the refugee children to experience childhood in an open environment, so the carnival's needs is also modest.

This carnival will cater for around 150 - 200 children. Direct item contributions/cash donation are greatly appreciated and you could pass this message to companies and philanthropists. SAVE COST by doing so BUT effective as well if you pass the message also. Volunteers for this event are most welcomed. In interested, please do contact:-
* Yante Ismail (External Relations Officer)
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 570, Jalan Bukit Petaling, 50460 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2141 1322 ext 303 / Fax: (603) 2141 1780
Mobile phone: (6) 013 352 6286 / Email:



Blogger Shionge said...

Thank you for sharing this I'll check out the local contact here too :D

12 June, 2007 00:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yea, that's good, just post it in yr blog so that more readers will know

13 June, 2007 10:30  

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