Sunday, August 03, 2008

MRR2 Cracks Up Again

The Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) in the Kepong has reared its ugly head again. Cracks have appeared one of the pillars. This stretch of the flyover starts from the nearby Taman Daya all the way to Taman Bukit Maluri. It cuts down waiting time at a number of traffic lights which are below the flyover.

Time and again, cracks have appeared and the government has spent approximately RM70 million for such repairs. This new crack will bring many smiles on the faces of many (you know who I'm referring to).

Consultants have cited before that it was design deficiencies and improper anchoring at the crossbeams. What now? Bar heavy vehicles indefinitely? Limit usage of flyover?

The construction of the flyover in the first place was due to its importance for that area as traffic is sooooooooooooooooo heavy. With the closure, many could imagine the chaos it will bring on Monday morning, the first day of work. For those of you living in Kepong, Selayang, Sri Damansara and Sungai Buloh - be prepared for the worst. Pump in more fuel, just in case you get stuck in traffic longer than what you had expected.

There is this detailed blog posting of Middle Ring Road 2 - Repair to begin? by Risk, Safety & Health. It has listed the first incident since year 2004. Hopefully the following consultants, who were involved from the beginning, in between and thereafter, would be able to highlight the real happenings:-

* Maunsell, Sharma and Zakaria
* Minconsult Sdn Bhd
* Flint & Neill Partnership
* Kohler & Seitz Engineering Services
* Halcrow Consultancy Ltd

Even the Anti-Corruption Agency got involved in the later stage when they sent their Enigineering Forensic Unit. In fact, I'm sure no one will be held accountable because unless the warranty period is still effective. If there's a crack, just approve the money allocation and pay to whoever that will be appointed to do surface touch up lah. Simple as that. No?

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Blogger KY said...

just a never ending story, kept spending money and more money.

22 August, 2008 16:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ky - somebody ran out of money

22 August, 2008 22:53  

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