Saturday, September 20, 2008

Best Angles to Take a Picture

I'm sure photographers courted by the National Geographic organisation will do such thing in capturing the best pictures for readers to view.

Car racing enthusiasts will go all out to capture the best picture of a moving rally car.

A picture to be remembered for the rest of the life.

ahhhhhh was he taking the car's undercarriage or something else?

Yeap, you have to go beyond your comfort zone or even engage in dangerous situation to capture a certain scene.

To ensure that you are not within the view of the enemy, this is a safe bet.

My number one salutation goes to this guy (or girl?).
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Blogger Va:L said...

haha How did the last one work? I can't see his/her eyes!

20 September, 2008 10:11  
Blogger Matthias aka. Matt2001 said...

tat why nowadays those DLSR have live view!!
Even those cheap DSLR also have =.="
But not mind T.T

20 September, 2008 12:37  
Blogger acura said...

Very creative. They put their lives on the line just to get a nice shot. Salute haha

21 September, 2008 02:18  
Blogger Unknown said...

yeah yeah, that the way to get the best picture!

the last one, i think is a she =D

22 September, 2008 09:59  
Blogger ilovelash said...

Last pic: can he / she even see???

22 September, 2008 21:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

min hui - i'm wondering also

matthias - live view will help tho

acura - i salute such photographers too

nkw@i - hahahaha, how u know it's she?????

booppi - this is what they call - professional instinct

23 September, 2008 12:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol!! wow. she must really have great eyesight. or photographic memory. ==

03 October, 2008 20:08  
Blogger maro^gal said...

hahhaa... no wonder i cant be a photographer... lolz
thx for sharing..

03 October, 2008 21:24  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

selfairy - lol ..... photographic memory. the targetted object must be in static position also

marogal - u didn't sacrifice enough hehe

04 October, 2008 00:41  

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