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Besides Boycotting, Quit Too

The call to boycott USA related goods and services by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir, was echoed by some muslim associations. The associations have called for the boycott to commence on Friday, 9 Jan 2009.

First and foremost, the attack on Gaza Strip has stripped the peacefulness and livelihood of those people residing there. I value human lifes and it's human lifes that we must be concerned about.

With deep respect for the former Prime Minister, I'm deeply concerned with his latest call - Quit your jobs, Dr M tells McDonald's, Starbucks workers.

At this point of economic concern even in Malaysia, the former leader simply called for people to quit their jobs from McDonald's and Starbucks. He is so rich and it was soooo easy just to say that without even thinking. But I think it's so selfish.

Recently, I have spoken to a top personnel from one of the main retail centres in Kuala Lumpur. Her view was that the retail industry would be able to withstand the economic downturn but those involved in the retail industry would be prudent and would tighten their belts.

Another person that I have spoken to is from the information technology industry and the comment was that their industry should be able to hold on at the moment. Still optimistic but would watch their expenses too.

Retrenchment exercises have happened already.

And our former leader suggested people to quit?

I have no interest in any businesses and from my viewpoint, if we quit the jobs and started to boycott the related / linked USA companies, then those companies will definitely shut down forever.

Who else will employ these people who have quit? Tun Dr Mahathir? The present government?

Both McDonald's and Starbucks are owned franchise businesses owned by Malaysians. Are we hitting the Malaysians or the nation of USA? McDonald's and Starbucks are owned by private investors in USA, not the USA government.

By the way, I have one question - why only McDonald's and Starbucks were mentioned specifically? What about 1901 Hot Dog, A&W, Baskin-Robbins, Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen, Carl's Jr, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Domino's Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Kenny Rogers Roasters, KFC, Long John Silver's, Pizza Hut, Scholtzsky's Deli, Shakey's, Subway, T.G.I.F., Wendys and Yoshinoya (anymore?).

This will definitely kill their fast food industry and without fail, ours too. These workers in the fast food industry can then join the estimated 60,000 unemployed Malaysians.

Is Malaysia the only nation that is going on this path?

I have blogged about those related / linked goods and services under Boycotting of Products/Services (I) and Boycotting of Products/Services (II) detailing what could happened if the boycott was successful.

I wonder what will the present Prime Minister has to say this time. He did say, during Israel's attack on Lebanon two years back, that we should think deeply first and told the people not to talk big only.

Let's ask this question before we start boycotting - will our boycott really affect USA (the government should be the main target) or will it hit Malaysia big time and drag our nation into deep recession?

Why not do it at the maximum and boycott the following:-
* Microsoft, Linux
* Dell, HP, Compaq, Apple, IBM (be it mobile, notebook, desktop, server)
* Intel, AMD
* Blogspot, Wordpress

Might as well kick all the USA companies out from the Multimedia Super Corridor as there are too many of them.

My 2 cents!
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Blogger alien said...

they only have short thinking..
boycott this and that.. without analyze the effect to others.. also effect to our economy..

the solution is, send our army.. just go and shut Israel weapon.. that all.

10 January, 2009 06:48  
Blogger Lifebook said...

This is so called politic.. It is just talk only, and doesn't mean it need to be action.

10 January, 2009 06:49  
Blogger [SK] said...

kicking all the USA companies out from Malaysia?? then our dear country will collapsed immediately!! believe it or not..

10 January, 2009 10:28  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

I second what you say, Johnny. The former PM's favourite activity seems to be boycotting selected US products. I remember all those boycotts during his reign as PM.

Yes, let us boycott so that Malaysia will sink to the worst recession in our entire history and we will all be jobless....after all, it is more important to cut off our nose to spite selected US companies, right? Hrrumphh!!

10 January, 2009 10:59  
Blogger Vanilla said...

Hi there,
Chance upon your blog today. Love it!

Vanilla from sg.

10 January, 2009 12:04  
Blogger Josephine said...

No way!
Should be glad cos we still have a job!

10 January, 2009 13:55  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Our leaders always talking non sense.

10 January, 2009 14:19  
Blogger Convivialdingo said...

I'm confused... Israel is attacking Palestinians.. Palestinians & Hamas are attacking Israel. What does the USA have to do with that?

I understand the the USA sends USAID to Israel. But did you know that the US ALSO sent 600 Million dollars from 2002 - 2006 (according to the US State Dept) and has spent countless hours with hundreds of delegates negotiating treaties?

Forgive me for asking - but what can America do more? I'm certain you don't want the US marines stepping in. Armies are for killing - they are a hammer.

The solution is international pressure. Fellow muslims should demand a peace process. Israel's allies should demand a peace process.

Instead of boycotting the US, I would suggest that you & I demand punishment for every murder committed in Israel and Palestine. Only when people can see peace begin will they embrace it.

11 January, 2009 13:54  
Blogger khengsiong said...

1901 was founded by a Malaysian. In my MBA project on local entrepreneurs, I tried to contact her but got no reply.

Anyway, I don't agree with boycotting.

Malaysian media always hate America for supporting Israel. But they have permanent loss of memory over the Balkan War, where America was on the Muslims' side.

(Not that I agree with Washington over the Palestinian issue. I do feel that Washington should be more neutral in order to avoid another 9/11.)

12 January, 2009 10:25  
Blogger Kev said...

Either Mahathir was really going bonkers or he's merely being sarcastic. Then we might as well boycott any kind of franchising related to US products like KFC, Pizza, Caltex and so on. The consequence: Many locals will be out of job when production comes to a grinding halt.

Boycott? I used to think it's a good way to set things right, but then when the negative impact is great in the local scene, I believe it's a brainless thing to do.

That's my 2 cents' worth.

12 January, 2009 13:17  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

it's really sad to see Dr M encouraging people to boycott when the softwares and hardwares he uses to blog on are all produced by American companies.

12 January, 2009 21:50  
Blogger foongpc said...

I don't believe in boycotting USA products. Unless we don't depend on them, we can go ahead and boycott. But unfortunately, they play a big part in our lives, so sorry no boycott from me.

12 January, 2009 23:19  
Blogger Anita said...

Sigh, the mere rhetoric of the politicians!

13 January, 2009 15:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

alien - never think b4 saying anything?

lifebook - yeah, when it hurts us, the boycott will stop also

sk - precisely!

blackie - for that to work, all msians must do it together

vanilla - thks

josephine - true, very true. that's coming out from a person's mouth that has no commitments

borneo - very disappointing actually

conviv - u see, our politicians have eyesight and memory problems

khengsiong - 1901 - m'sian?? will check again.

how i wish info from u cld be exposed to all m'sians

kev - yr comment was worthed 2million cents

simon - hypocrite?

foong - yeah, unless there's a good and reliable replacement / alternative

anita - only mere talks haha

14 January, 2009 11:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry 4 giving few words...
at this momment,we cant help more.other than donation,whatelse can we do?boycotting is 1 way.but then, if u already have the dell,inteL,MAYBELLINE makeup, it doesnt mean u have to throw ur laptop n other things to the dustbin.and if u are working under US branch n franchise,it doesnt mean u can straight away quit n send 24hr notice.ridiculous n irrelevant things to do.and even more if u are the only one who have to find money,things for ur famlily..but then,maybe for that problem, u may think of finding another job or find another alternative like open ur own private company.i want to ask u n others which reading this.u r one of god believers right?becoz u r christian,Jesus believers right?but then,why said like ur jobs,foods,cars and other things u got are given by not a GOD but US???!seriously,this is a serious problem.becoz such funny words cannot be written or even thought by someone who bElieves in GOD u know...i repeat, NOT THE USA GIVES ALL UR THINGS,INCOMES,FOODS,NOURISHMENTS N OTHERS BUT GOD...GOD U KNOW...GOD...!

18 January, 2009 07:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, clearly all of you are mindless people who disregard other people's life. all you can think about is 'where the heck am i going to hangout if McDs and Starbucks gone bankrupt?'
if you guys read more (yeah what i mean is read more about what's going on in this world, what's right and what's not) you might stop going to these fast food chains. McDs n starbucks directly contribute funds to Israeli military. so i guess you can figure out the connection. maybe you people think that this palestinian issue only concern the muslims. well, FYI it is not. it's a matter of human rights.
and another thing, it doesnt matter if they go bankrupt here. i just cant stand helpless, innocent people being killed without any reason.

09 April, 2009 00:14  

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