Monday, January 26, 2009

Fishy Meal Across the River

Lots to share about my frequent trips to Sudan.

One fine day, me and two colleagues decided to try out a well known (to Sudanese of course) restaurant famous for its fresh fish.

It's right on the other side of the capital city, in Omdurman. About twenty minutes drive from the city centre.

While crossing the river, we could see the land below the bridge very fertile as it has the Nile River besides it.

Nobody's there as Sudanese people would have been there much earlier. As we were there for lunch, it doesn't clash with the local lunch time which is usually around 3pm.

Nothing spectacular of the surrounding area. Lots of desert sand.

This man took the fishes and dipped into their self blended sauce / gravy.

The fishes were snapped from the nearby Nile River.

Can be rest assured that the fishes in the Nile River is very different from those found in Klang River near my Kuala Lumpur home.

Thereafter, it was thrown into the basin full of flour just before it was.

Deep concentration on the discussion about the meeting that was held just before we adjourned to this restaurant.

The piranhas that we have ordered.

It looks like one but we don't know what kind of fish was that. We just swallow it. It ends up the same thing for whatever kind of fish we eat .... hehe

My colleague ordered ten fishes and surprisingly we finished all of them.

Together with three big pieces of bread and three bottles of mineral water, it cost us 33 Sudanese Dinar (US$16.50).
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Blogger Nanaybelen said...

i thought piranhas is not edible. very nice info with photos and details

26 January, 2009 07:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow..this looks something really different~ was it crispy?

How was it taste?yummy

26 January, 2009 18:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

nanay - haha, not piranhas actually. just resembles it.

jason - crispy with those flour put onto it. u can feel the freshness taste but can't feel the spice that they put in

27 January, 2009 12:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never think if piranha fish can be eaten.

Gong Xi Fa Chai

27 January, 2009 20:55  
Blogger eastcoastlife said...

Happy Lunar New Year Johnny!
Long time no see. :D

28 January, 2009 00:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I "stumbled" across your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your adventures. The restaurant in Sudan looks great. :-D

Feel free to visit me any time.

28 January, 2009 04:23  
Blogger Boris said...

wow you had a lot of fish.

with all those sand, i think you could create a sandman :)

28 January, 2009 22:00  
Blogger foongpc said...

So it's just fish, fish and nothing but fish? I prefer to eat steamed fish - these are fried, right? When it's fried, you can't make out what kind of fish you are eating.

So it's not really piranhas? Haha! I thought piranhas supposed to eat you, not the other way round : )

30 January, 2009 12:05  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tikno - it only resembles a piranha fish. never tried piranha before but wondering whether it can be eaten or not.

eastcoastlife - happy new year to u too.

anon - thks for dropping by

boris - the sand is there for creating a sandstorm haha

foong - steam fish is nice. in sudan, they prefer deep fry fish.

03 February, 2009 11:43  
Blogger David Chong Property(M) said...

haha, nice pictures!! just dropping by!!

23 February, 2009 21:58  

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