Wednesday, November 01, 2006

World's Most Popular Blog

The weblog by Chinese starlet Xu Jinglei is now the world's most popular. With more than 60 million clicks and currently listed as no. 5 in Technorati's billboard under the category of blogs having the most links, a leading weblog search engine.

Xu, an actress-turned-director, became famous overseas when she won a best director award for "Letter From An Unknown Woman" in the 2004 San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain.

Begun last October, Xu's blog at only took 112 days to break domestic records with more than 10 million visits.
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Blogger Random J said...

10 million vists!?!

Damn! What's she got that I don't?

*sits and thinks*


Oh...yeah. *hangs head*

02 November, 2006 11:56  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yeah 10millions in 112 i'm struggling to hit 10,000 in 112 weeks

03 November, 2006 23:12  
Blogger Dayngr said...

Too bad I can't read it. Well, if you want to up your stats, start tagging your posts. As soon as I did, I got tons of hits.

06 November, 2006 13:53  

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