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Holiday Package

*Latest Update - Receive an email from Ministry of Tourism confirming that the companies stated below were not licensed. Email posted in under Unlicensed Travel Agencies.
Received this via an email. Could anyone verify the email or whether any of you have suffered the same fate?

Dear All,
If you see anyone selling this membership, please do not apply membership or any trip from them.

Slyways Vacation will sell the membership card for Dynasty Vision (as in attachment) in a lot shopping complex (e.g. Carrefour, Jusco .....).

When you walk in front to their counter, they will approach you. They will tell you that they are under government (KKKP). They are working for government so that they can get a lot cheap hotels for you. And they did a lot survey to get the cheapest travel ways in Malaysia. Just bullshit!!!!

Actually they are not working for government , their business is not related with government. They are private company. All the logo printed on the membership card is just display, they are not able to get cheap package.They just want to cheat your member fee - RM399.

The main things , their staffs are not qualify to become tour consultant. I had experience been cheated by an agent called Sankan. He is working for Slyways. When I get cheated then I called his leader (Idrus) and boss (Jimmy) for help. But they are irresponsible and they will only scold you and ignore your call. They just tell you that this staff already been terminated, your application is not in our system!

For Dynasty Vision, when you call to their service center, whatever question you ask they only have one answer. They don't even understand "English". Their boss is Encik Megat.

I hope nobody will be the next victim again. That's why I send this email to let all of you know DO NOT APPLY MEMBERSHIP OR TRIP PACKAGE with these two companies:-

Slyways Vacation
Suite 2-2-2A, 2nd Floor,
Wisma Rampai Town Centre,
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-41492122
Fax: 03-41493122

Dynasty Vision Resources
73-1, 1st Floor,
Jalan 3/23A,
Off Jalan Genting Kelang
Taman Danau Kota
53300 Kuala Lumpur

When I did a search, this Dynasty Vision Resources is somehow linked to Best World Vacation. Under the terms and conditions, the definition of Cards - Card(s) means the Best World Vacation card(s) bearing the Dynasty Vision Resources mark/logo issued by the company or authorized sublicense(s). Closely linked indeed!

There was no mention of where this Best World was located but during the reading of Best World's website, it did state that Dynasty Vision Resources has another office located at Sri Dagangan Business Centre in Kuantan.

The above is surely another case of lousy customer service or miscommunication between both parties.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,

I some research also, check this out below:

BEST WORLD Vacation (
B-6, 1A Lorong Tun Ismail 6
Sri Dagangan Business Centre
Tel. +609 5146766

Mohd Fadli Yusof
Human Nature Consultant (
9-3-17, Perumahan Awam DBKL
Jalan Jelatek
Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan,54200
Tel. +6017 3117929

It's a corporate scammer with Slyways Vacation, Dynasty Vision Resources, Best World Vacation, Kuantan, Membership, Slyways Vacation, Dynasty Vision Resources, Best World Vacation,
I called Slyways Vacation, I spoke to Rina, she insists to provide her office address. Lets bring to Consumer Rights in PutraJaya. I want Slyways Vacation, Dynasty Vision Resources, Best World Vacation, Slyways Vacation, Dynasty Vision Resources, Best World Vacation, all convited to Jail in Sg. Buloh.

30 May, 2007 21:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hey man or lady,
appreciate yr initiative but i dont see the link between mohd fadli yusof and best world vacation can trigger an arrest for him. anyone could own a biz.

btw, i'm not a victim so i don't have a locus standi in reporting. blogged this to bring attention only for ppl to verify it as well.

31 May, 2007 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Johnny,

I read your blog and It was already too late. I joined the membership in April 2007 before leaving the country. Since I do travel alot I figured that I should joined the membership from Dynasty Travel ( one of the guys was telling me that I can get the cheap Airline Fares and also hotels rates etc) Didn't know that this was just a scam. And sad that they were able to do it in public places like in the shopping mall etc...very misleading for the people as they do have booth like those Promotion Fair.

05 August, 2007 07:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

suppose i surf about this company first before handing over my money to them..
it's too late now..

but, fortunately that i only pay rm40 for the deposit hahaha

did the authorities know bout diz??

06 November, 2007 22:23  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

pls read the first paragraph of this blog posting where i have posted the latest update. go to the link where it will link u to the latest.

07 November, 2007 02:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


yesterday (17/2/2008), i went to plaza alam sentral..then somebody approach me to be a membership of this company..after listen their promotion, so i sign up..the company name slyways vacation far i just pay deposit bout rm 10 only..then i already submit the form, so i would like to ask, if i want to cancel the application, do they can 'saman' is this company still do not have the license?

18 February, 2008 14:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

well, if their company do not have a licence, it is deemed that they can't do what they were doing hence, legally it's not binding. there are legal cases which support my statement.

furthermore, if not mistaken that such membership must have a 7 or 10days cooling off period where a customer has the right to say NO to their application and the company will have to refund the money.

try writing to them and ask for the refund and see what's the response like and i cld post yr situation in my blog here (for the benefit of other people)

18 February, 2008 15:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last week on 22nd february, i went to Plaza Alam, i have been approached by them,listen to their sweet words and finally signed up to be a member..unfortunately, i've pay rm399.00. it's a full stated in the terms and conditions on that form, i can't asked for my money back. now, i'm trying to figure out the best action that i can take. i want my money back. i've known many people that have the legal background, so, i'll find out how to teach this orang melayu yang memalukan bangsa sendiri....

28 February, 2008 16:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I signed up on Jan 1st, 2008, also at Plaza Alam Sentral. I paid RM150as deposit. Was thinking of calling the agent to make full payment when something urge me to 'google' the company first. MY GOODNESS!!! I'll definitely won't get my money back bcoz it was stated in the application form that "Deposit is not refundable after 14 days application date". Hurm...
I have the agent number, his name is Key. Should I call him, pretend that I want to see him to make full payment and give him a beating that he wont forget his whole life instead.
How can they still got the nerve to do their scam at Plaza alam sentral again and again and again.

-another one got scammed-

03 March, 2008 12:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oo my godness.what the shit people do like that!making money by this way.another person got is me..huhuhu
I signed somewhere in jan at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam.I paid RM50.After that I never ever think to call person to make full payment.But,one day in last month if I'm not mistaken someone call me ask me for the full payment.And I ask him (Ady-his name) to collect from my office.Never believe this could happen to me..

23 March, 2008 20:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

sorry to hear abt the mishaps but then why are u commenting as an anonymous person (altho u have the right to do so).

if you were a victim, be straightforward with your identity and next step that u need to do is make a police report and then hop on to the tourism ministry to lodge a complain as the ministry has mentioned that this company doesn't have a licence to operate such scheme.

if all of u decides to keep quiet then you are actually condoning their act and don't care if they continued to cheat others.

24 March, 2008 00:11  
Blogger AB said...

hi johnny,

i just realize i copy ur post n edit it a bit n post on my blog. -_- is that ok?

my friend experience the same thing, as u already read my post. n FYI, i already lodge report to SSM n ministry of tourism. now, slyways is in deep hell! (i hope)

i hope they take immediate action.

p/s: pardon my engRish n forgive me that i copycat ur post n edit it. huhu..


01 May, 2008 18:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ayu - no problem with that

03 May, 2008 03:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TQ. i knew that my friends & I hv been cheated when we found out about the bullshit from ur blog. ur infos really help us. :)

11 June, 2008 02:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm one of the victim too.

Anything else we can do now?

23 June, 2008 16:43  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

just go thru my 2 blog postings on the same issue and find the person-in-charge's name in the email from the Ministry of Tourism.

as long as nobody goes and make a formal complain, the Ministry of Tourism will continue to sit on it even they have acknowledged what I have brought up to them.

it's up to the victims themselves to stir the hornet's nest. or go to michael chong of mca or find one way for it to be publicise by the newspapers.

23 June, 2008 18:25  
Blogger Syahiera said...

Hi all..

I was trapped into this Dynasty Vision Resources on April 21st, 2007. Yes, it was last year. I paid RM399 by credit card. During the sweet talk, they said they can give even better discounts than the 'government rate' hotels are giving. (since they know that i'm a gov.servant). How young and foolish i was to believe that.

On my first attempt to make hotel reservation through them, I first called the hotel directly to know what's the best government rate i can get. Then, i tried to make reservation thru Dynasty Vision. Their rate was higher. When i want to clarify about that, they said..the government rate is the best rate hotel can give. They cannot beat that. DAMN!

Most of the times, if i send them email, they never reply..

The only reason why i didnt check/Google about this package earlier is that becoz i signed it up during MATTA fair in Kuantan in Apr 2009. I thought i could trust MATTA Fair..

09 November, 2008 10:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

iera - u just need to make a complain then. keeping quiet will not help if it was a scam

09 November, 2008 21:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all...
im one of the victims case was happen during fasting month at seksyen 18 shah alam..damn..still got the intention to fool the other peoples to get their own profit..

After paid RM399, i served the internet and read the bad comments about this company. Directly make a called to the Tourism Ministry and that officer advised me to make a report at Tribunal Pengguna.

1 month i tried to track their office, but unfortunately there was no body. I tried called that person (Idrus & Amani) and until now, no answer..i was delay my "sebutan kes" 2 times with tribunal because i failed to submit the copy letter to them.

what should i do know? is that okay if i just do the police report?

FYI, at the pkns shah alam now, having the SAME package promotion. but the company name is PEARL..are they coming from one nest?

Please give some advice...


01 December, 2008 13:52  
Anonymous Thuscah said...

Hi to all
Um Thuscah, an international student here, and i consider myself a victiom of this scam. In 2007 i applied for the Ranum Club [Slyways Vacation Solution] and paid RM399 in an installment do i finished my payment around October/Nov 2007. I never used the card until July 2009 when I made a hotel booking with Shah and gave him RM200...when i arrive at tioman i found out that he didn't make the booking for me so i had to paid again.

I tried to make a police report but a police women adviced me not to do it.

So can you pliz help me people, thank you.


28 August, 2009 13:17  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anon (honey) - u just have to continue to serve the letter to them. record each situation and write officially to the tribunal abt it, c.c. a copy of the letter to the ministry too. try the police, u got nothing to lose

thuscah - what does the terms and conditions say abt such non-booking by them?

u shld have proceeded with the police report so that its recorded black/white.

29 December, 2009 00:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

try search the face of

28 March, 2010 23:17  
Blogger Hanisah Suria said...

on 2008 i was asked to join ARGUNG privilage management, which seems very similar to all of these companies, my friend who was with at that time had paid full, i only paid a deposit of rm60.. and just today i got a call from them saying that they wanna sue me for rm5000..

29 June, 2010 17:13  

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