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Unlicensed Travel Agencies

On 24 May 2007, I have blogged about a Holiday Package being promoted by three related parties of Best World Vacation, Slyways Vacation and Dynasty Vision Resources.

Today, the Ministry of Tourism has responded to my enquiry. Please read their email:-

From: Mahizah [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007 2:59 PM
To: Johnny Ong
Subject: Re: Verification of a Travel Agencies

Syarikat-syarikat yg. dimaksudkan tidak berlesen dgn. Kem. ini. Tindakan telahpun diambil keatas Dynasty Vision Resources dan tindakan keatas kedua2 lagi syarikat akan diambil sedikit masa lagi. Sekian terima kasih.

Translation to English for your reading:-
The companies that were mentioned were not licensed by this Ministry. Actions have been taken against Dynasty Vision Resources and actions on the other 2 companies would be done in due course. Thank you.

----- Original Message -----
To: Norizan
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2007 2:04 PM
Subject: Fw: Verification of a Travel Agencies

Please verify the agencies. Thank you.

----- Original Message -----
From: Johnny Ong
To: ; ;
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:56 PM
Subject: Verification of a Travel Agencies

I hope that the Ministry / MATTA could assist in verifying the travel agencies as listed below. I suspect that they are cheating Malaysians lately with the promotion & selling vacation memberships together with Slyways Vacation and Dynasty Vision Resources. Todate, there are emails being circulated depicting the cheating scenarios.

Please let me know whether the following 3 travel agencies are properly registered and whether it’s a Malaysian company or not. From the website, it’s doesn’t show its affiliation to any organization which is rare.

B-6, 1A Lorong Tun Ismail 6
Sri Dagangan Business Centre
25000 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: +609-5146 766 / 5156 676
Fax: +609-5156 654

Slyways Vacation
Suite 2-2-2A, 2nd Floor
Wisma Rampai Town Centre
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-41492122
Fax: 03-41493122

Dynasty Vision Resources
73-1, 1st Floor
Jalan 3/23A
Off Jalan Genting Kelang
Taman Danau Kota
53300 Kuala Lumpur

Please treat this email urgently as we do not want to hear another case of Excellence Holidays where it folded up overnight.


Please pass the word around with a link to this blog posting. The reason is because I did receive an email from a blog reader who regretted not reading my blog posting on Holiday Package earlier. This blog reader has purchased the membership and was hoping to cancel it now. Both Dynasty Vision Resources and Slyways Vacation are still operating out there hoping to rope as many members as they can BUT UNFORTUNATELY, they have not been licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.

We can't change the world on our own but if every single person was to lend a hand, the world could be a better place.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dynasty Vision Resources called me up today!!! I was really interested in their offers since I'm a frequent traveller. They took my credit card details to charge me RM399. They even asked for my car plate number as they are offering free services to tow cars during emergencies. But I don't feel 100% confident so I tried to search on this company in Google and luckily I found your blog!!! I immediately called my credit card centre to block my card. I tried calling the "tour consultant" again but the person who picked up says that she is not around. She promised to return call but no news till now.

If government has taken action against these illegal operating companies, how come they are still calling the public to cheat our money???

16 May, 2008 16:06  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

they could have initiated but strict enforcements may not be there e.g. closing down their office or legal actions against owners / operators

this is malaysia

16 May, 2008 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

saya juga seperti anonymous di atas.mereka called n want my car number n so on. tetapi malangnya saya telah bersetuju, dan rm399 telah dipotong dari kad kredit saya. adakah 399 itu akan terus dipotong setiap bulan @ sekali sahaja?

13 October, 2008 23:20  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

selagi yg i tau, tu saje yg dia orang akan charge. cuba hubungi sykt tu dan pastikan samada sykt tu ada "10 days cooling off period". kalau ada, mungkin dapat cancel membership tu.

14 October, 2008 09:32  
Blogger Leen said...

These Slyways guys is still active conning people. My father paid 399 for the Ranum Club card scam. (They are so sly my father thought they were legitimate). Anyway he tried to book a hotel room through them.

He got a hold of the sly Mr Idrus he asked my father to bank-in certain amount of money so he can book the hotel room. Luckily my father is a bit smart on that, he didn't bank-in the money. It's the event that trigger our google search on the company. Just imagine our surprise.

Anyway the guy and several of his conmen is still in action until today. So beware they might set-up another promotion under different company name.I'm writing tis on November 08. They have been in action for almost a year now. I'm hoping the ministry can nab them and send them to jail.

07 November, 2008 21:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

leen - no wonder its called slyways

09 November, 2008 21:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

johnny ong..
my brother being threaten by people from dynasty vision resources...
they want my brother to pay all the fee of membership registration..
the amount is rm240 left to be paid..they say my brother will be fined by rm2000 if he do not want to pay the balance of payment..
so that my brother asked me to transfer the money to their account..
the company name is ARGUNG...but the account name is under dynasty vision resources...please help me...what should i do?thanks johnny..

22 July, 2009 15:48  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anon - just read thru whatever doc that was signed by yr bro to see if there was any clause to compel him to pay up balance and if not, a fine of rm2k will be imposed.

better still, let them send the fine and report it to the ministry of tourism with it

22 July, 2009 16:57  
Anonymous ina said...

johnny ong..
i'm also the victim too..
they said i will be fined rm2000 if i do not want to pay the balace of the payment which is rm140..
the problem is i've lost all the documents..
i don't know how to pay coz i've lost their account number..
anyone knows the ARGUNG account number? i really can't afford to pay rm2000 coz i'm just a student..
please help me... i really don't know what to do.. thank you johnny..

23 August, 2009 21:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ina - for comfort, pls read thru the terms and conditions signed by u to chk on that particular clause that forces u to pay the additional money. dont rush into paying until u are sure that u compelled to pay

can't help u much unless i get to read their terms and conditions

23 August, 2009 21:36  
Anonymous ina said...

hmm i've lost the terms and condition document..
do i have to pay the balance of the payment or just wait for them to send the fine to me?
if anyone has the terms and condition document would you guys please post the terms here?
i really need help from all of you..

24 August, 2009 20:33  
Anonymous sakura said...

why we have to pay when we never received the advantages?they said that they have to pay first for us because we don't cancel the registeration within 14days and they claimed us interested in their promotion.anyway..i never been told that that kind of mafia rules that we cannot cancel the promotion once we pay the deposit?it's so cruel.i'm just a student n totally rely on scholarship.isn't that cruel?attacking students as their victims?i will not pay them..even i have to fight in the court, i will.i just want to fight for the truth

05 December, 2009 16:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife also recieve call from Dynasty Lawyer firm asking her to pay RM249. Otherwise her will be fined RM2500. This is same as sakura. Verbally my wife already cancelled the after their representative call asking for the balance in 2006. The guy say ok and ask my wife to take back the deposit. Kondly advise me Mr Johhny

18 December, 2009 14:10  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ina - try approaching the ministry of tourism for help or go to the legal aid (provided foc to the public)

sakura - my advise is the same, approach the ministry of tourism

anon - i'm no expert here. i just blogpost this as it came to my knowledge only

29 December, 2009 00:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any penalty for a middle man (individual)? Like sending customers to some licenced operators and try to get some pocket money? If yes, in Semporna, Sabah alot. But so far, none of the Government Authorities take care about this.

27 January, 2010 23:24  
Blogger Golgotha said...

As for today 21st May,2010... i received a phone call from the unknown person saying that he's from the malaysian ministry of tourism and informing me that the ministry has received a summon letter been issued under my name & my beloved wife by this particular company "Dynasty Vision Resources"... When i asked the men for what reason that this company want to issued a summons against me & wife and he said that we have applied the some sort of bullshit discount cards for hotels & flight tickets when ever we want to travel. Yes, my wife have registered with them to get those bloody card by paying them RM60.00 for deposit in 2007 and they said you need to pay another RM3++.++ in order for them to release the card to us & if not they will not issuing out the card for us...and after 1 month later my wife have received an sms thru her mobile phone informing that she(my wife) need to bank-in the extra balance of outstanding RM3++.++ into somebody personal account no. and starting from that day i've asked my wife to ignored them. And now i received an unidentified phone call(with Private number on my screen) saying that myself & my beloved wife need to attend the hearing for the summons being issued to us in Putra Jaya High Courts... I'm not very sure about this...can somebody assist me on this matter? Please...there's something fishy about this company and the government need to investigate this matter!Just imagine if they managed to win their summons of RM10,000.00 for one customer and if really they've issuing out tenth or hundreds of summons to there customers do you think how much will they get without selling anything to their customers...millions or probably billions...

21 May, 2010 17:39  
Blogger counter sue said...

Golgotha, i received a phone call exactly like yours from Dynasty Vision Resources on the same date!! A guy called Azman Abu Bakar who claimed himself from malaysian ministry of tourism (obviously that's bullshit and his voice sounds so gay)informed me that i need to go to court next monday (24th May 2010) because this company want to sue me RM10k.(yeah right)Hm.. they mess with the wrong person, on the same day i received that phone call, i made a police report, called the "REAL" officer from Ministry of Tourism to check on this company.. and he told me not to believe it because they never appoint any individual or a company to sue other party or individual. Plus, next monday i will lodge a complaint to FOMCA, and hire a lawyer to sue this company. For our info, Dynasty Vision Resources is own by Argung Group. You can see the owner's fuckin face and his staff through google (fuckin assholes).

22 May, 2010 11:23  
Blogger counter sue said...

Golgotha, i received a phone call exactly like yours on the same date... sue me for RM 10k.... have to go to court in Putra Jaya.... Bullshit... i have made a police report about this matter and i have called "THE REAL OFFICER" of Ministry of Tourism and he told me not to believe it. Next monday. i will lodge a complaint to FOMCA (by bringing all the relevant documents as evident) and will a hire a lawyer to sue them. I'm too smart to be fooled by these lame conman. You should do the same thing Golgotha...

22 May, 2010 11:37  
Blogger Golgotha said...

If i have got enough time i will do what ever sue is doing right now but infact my time is almost 100% being spend working in offshore...Sue, if you want me to become your witness, me & my wife will support you until all the staff @ dynasty bullshit is thrown into the steel cage!

24 May, 2010 10:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for their "saman letter"... if they dare to sue me 10K.. then i will take action.. well that's what my lawyer advise me to do.. after all I'm from Sarawak... can anyone from east Malaysia report this matter to TV3.. or The Star... that would be best way to highlight this matter to the authority.. perhaps you could do that Johnny Ong.. even if you are not one of the victim.. oh ya.. Mr Johnny Ong, can you please put up your e-mail address so that i can contact you. You can call me DY.

27 May, 2010 15:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, my mom received the same summon call yesterday. A guy from Dynasty Vision Resources said that if my mom doesn't pay their requested amount,my mom will be sued in the Putrajaya High Courts. They said my mom have used the privilege cards in some hotels and since my mom only pay half of the membership fees, she has cover the summons from the hotels (this is what they said).My mom have to pay another rm600++ or else she will be sued.My mom said, after she subscribe the privilege membership they never send any letters or calls regarding her membership,but the company claimed that they have sent dozens of letters.Secondly my mom never did check in any hotels after subscribe.After I've found this page, I told my mom that they are a bunch of liars.Immediately my mom call back that company and told them that she refuse to pay.If they want to send the summon letter then go ahead, and she told the company that she will lodge report to police..they did sound frighten somehow.

I really really hope someone will highlight this matter to media. I wonder how they can still operational even this matter has been complaint in NCCC in 2008 as well the Tourism Ministry.

09 July, 2010 14:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all reader's,this is on my own opinion...if the ministry of tourism or any department of law failed to take action against this bloodsucking moron...probably we need to action on our own against them...i suggest, why don't we burn down their operation facility,and hang everyone of the dynasty vision employees under the durian tree's like a puppet on a string...this CROCODILE MORON never give-up when come to conning people like us and if laws keeps on ignoring on publics complaint sooo... we as the public's need to teach them a lesson! I'm tired of the malaysian tourism board because they only know how to advise people saying that the action will be taken against this bloody moron but still this Moron keeps on threatening the publics with their STUFID BLOODY SUMMONS...The Ministry Of Tourism = N.A.T.O. No Action Talk Only...JANGAN2 ITU BLOODY DYNASTY VISION is an subsidiary company to Malaysian Ministry Of Tourism tak! Who know's!

11 July, 2010 00:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend had the same problem too and this time, apparently someone called her from the Court of Appeal in Putra Jaya (which is denied later). She had the same problem as Sakura. He told her to pay up before they filed or take action against her in KL. So anyway, we made a report to Tribunal Pengguna.
If u re reading this Azman, u do know that sarawak's jurisdiction is not the same in KL. For the sum of RM800++, goodluck asking some lawyer to take up ur case. Oh ya we filed in counter-claim against your company for the MY expenses. Regards, Alex.

11 August, 2010 12:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys...actually i'm one of the victims...same situation, Argung's so-called lawyer called me to pay another RM900 balance into their acc or else they'll sued me and if i failed to appear in the court, an arrest warrant will be out by the court ..such a bullshit...i refused to pay and i rather wait for their letter...
so i approached SSM, i asked them if argung is a legal company or not? and i told them what kind of business they running and they replied even though they're registered company they MUST have license with Ministry of Tourism/malaysian's actually against the law using ministry names to make dirty money...
i believe their targets are student...and now i'm not a student anymore, i have brain to think and i'll fight for my right...
i actually had a conversation with the so-called lawyer and the staff, the lawyer said i'll be fined RM7000 but the staff said i'll be fined RM5000 O_o...failed, i thought it was a scam..
if anyone of you want to lawsuit against them, i'll be your witness...

21 August, 2010 03:10  
Anonymous v said...

I got the same issue like you guys. But I have paid everything. So can I retrieve all the money back? Argh!

09 February, 2011 14:11  
Blogger Golgotha said...

v, sorry to mentioned this here & right me whoever pay what ever amount this bloody scumbag were asking is really DUMP person! You should discuss among yourself first b4 u proceed to pay them... and now u only have one option to do if u really want ur money back! get a lawsuit against them and sue them as much as u like and make sure that all of them is down to the ground... I'll promised u that I'm willing to fly to KL just to become one of ur witness and perhaps if I accidently meet with this bloody argung's I will kicking/bashing his face for goodsss...

14 February, 2011 18:08  

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