Thursday, October 09, 2008

Food Eaten by the English and French

An Englishman is having breakfast, in Paris, one morning (coffee, croissants, bread, butter and jam) when a Frenchman, chewing bubble-gum, sits down next to him. The Englishman ignores the Frenchman who, nevertheless, starts a conversation.

Frenchman: 'You English folk eat the whole bread??'
Englishman (in a bad mood): 'Of course.'
Frenchman: (after blowing a huge bubble) 'We don't. In France, we only eat what's inside. The crusts we collect in a container, recycle it, transform them into croissants and sell them to England.'

The Frenchman has a smirk on his face. The Englishman listens in silence.

The Frenchman persists: 'Do you eat jam with the bread??'
Englishman: 'Of Course.'
Frenchman: (cracking his bubble-gum between his teeth and chuckling) 'We don't. In France we eat fresh fruit for breakfast, then we put all the peels, seeds, and leftovers in containers, recycle them, transform them into jam, and sell the jam to England.'

After a moment of silence, the Englishman then asks: 'Do you have sex in France?'
Frenchman: 'Why of course we do', he says with a big smirk.
Englishman: 'And what do you do with the condoms once you've used them?'
Frenchman: 'We throw them away, of course.'
Englishman: 'We don't. In England, we put them in a container, recycle them, melt them down into bubble-gum, and sell them to France.'
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Blogger Ted said...

Hahaha good comeback!

09 October, 2008 16:55  
Blogger eiling lim said...

Hahah...that was a good one! Serves him right for being so arrogant...haha

09 October, 2008 21:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

de version i heard of is Malaysia and Singapore 1 :D that's y they dun chew gum in sg..hehee...

09 October, 2008 21:59  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - oh yes

eiling - when i first, i also cannot tahan that french

cbenc - people who has time will re-write this joke to suit their particular situation hehe

09 October, 2008 22:59  
Blogger Clarisse Teagen said...

OUCH! That has so got to hurt.. Where did you pick this up from anyways?? It's so cool.
Do you mind if I use it on my blog too? I'll link it to yours :)

10 October, 2008 05:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

clarisse - oh yes, i cld feel the final punch. i received this from a friend that has no links to who was the originator / writer. go ahead and use it

10 October, 2008 10:19  
Blogger foongpc said...

Haha!! What a joke! Will email this to all my friends!! Thanks! : )

11 October, 2008 01:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - welcome to do so

12 October, 2008 00:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG...that was funny^^

13 October, 2008 18:06  

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