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Scammers Used Malaysian Bank Without Fear

The following article depicted a Malaysian's predicament involving scammers who partly operated within Malaysia. Malaysian banks have been used by pro scammers in accepting victims' money.
I wish to share this experience with all Malaysians, so they know what the banks actually do. Also to share details of scammers and their bank details.

A friend of mine was scammed by someone she met online. This person had been communicating with her and later claimed to want to marry her. Obviously he was from the UK with a UK mobile number. During their last conversation, he told her that he would be coming down to Malaysia to meet her family in two weeks and in the mean time, he was sending her some gifts. He claimed that the parcel contained a laptop, a diamond ring, flowers, perfumes and 5000 pounds. He also gave her a fake website for the so called courier company that would be handling the delivery. The name of the so called company is ‘GLOBAL EXPRESS SERVICES’ supposedly based in Sabah. If you check out the website, it does not have any land line or fax line, all the numbers listed are local handphone numbers. I know, I know my friend was stupid to actually believe the guy was genuine. Many have tried this scam with me before but I knew it was a scam and never bothered.

Anyway to make the long story short, she was given a personal bank account number to bank in a total of approximately RM8,000 supposedly for custom clearance and insurance. Which she stupidly did. The account number provided was as follows :-

Bank : CIMB A/C 12510075365528

Unfortunately for my friend, I only knew of this after she made a police report when despite banking in the money, she did not receive the parcel. In fact she did not even realize that the person she had been communicating with is involved in the scam and the person supposedly from the courier company was actually an African/Nigerian which I told her after calling the mobile number and pretending to ask for someone else. From his accent, it was obvious but she never realized it.

Anyway I took her to the nearest CIMB branch to make a report and to try to get the money back. I requested the officer to hold back the funds and do not allow any withdrawals as the account holder is a scammer and we were also informed that the RM8,000 plus is still in the account. She tells me that since the account does not belong to her branch, she is not able to do that. She informed us that the branch is their Kepong branch and so I asked her to call up the branch and ask them to immediately stop withdrawals and we will go to that branch and provide all the evidence and make our claim. That done we went to the kepong branch and provided all the evidence to the officer and requested that the money be refunded as there is clear cut evidence that it’s a scam. Even the police report was given with the deposit slips.

This happened on the 3/9/2008. The officer tells us that he will get his managers approval and call us if approved. After several days, I call the said officer only to be told that the legal department is handling it and they are investigating the case. I informed him that why should the case take that long to investigate as all evidence confirming the account holder is a scammer has been provided including write ups from other people who have been scammed by the same group. He tells me I am not able to speak to the legal officer handling it and can only liaise with the branch concerned.

Anyway again to make matters short, after making lots of noise and telling of the operator, I finally get to speak to a legal officer who tells me to call a Miss Rajesh based at the kepong branch as she is handling the case. I called her and she tells me nothing just that she does not know when it would be resolved and when I asked her to at least give me a date, she says she does not know and is very rude. I tried to explain to her to speed up the refund as my friend had borrowed the money from a money lender and thus paying a high interest as she thought that she would pay back once she received the parcel which also contained money. This Miss Rajesh tells me rudely ‘the bank is not bothered about that’. This of course pissed me off and I gave her a good piece of my mind, telling her yes I know the bank could not be bothered, only when people are doing well, they will run after them like a dog begging them to take loans etc. I had also spoken to the National Cosumer Complaints Center and provided all the details to them. Thus I told this Miss Rajesh as she was very rude and not helpful at all that from now the NCCC will communicate with her.

I even called BNM and have written to them about this. BNM says they have given CIMB 2 week to respond. BNM also tells me they have no procedures to deal with scammers, and that it falls under the police jurisdiction to take action. Despite the fact that so many people are being scammed, should not BNM be proactive and come up with proper procedures requiring all banks to report any scam accounts and all banks to be forwarded the report so they should blacklist this scammers and not allow them to open the account. BNM tells me that scamming comes under fraud and thus the police would have to get a court order to freeze the account, which could take weeks of not months considering how slow our judiciary works.

Despite making a police report and the police having all the scammers details including phone number, addresses, bank accounts etc, they have not bothered to apprehend and arrest these scoundrels. Instead they waste their time going after innocent citizens like Raja Petra.

As for CIMB, Miss Rajesh calls my friend and asks her who I am and why am I calling on her behalf. The reason for this is actually because my friend is young and naïve and does not know how to handle these things, so I was helping her out with her authority. Miss Rajesh then tells my friend that they are trying to negotiate with the scammer to allow them to refund the money to my friend. When I my friend told me this, I was shocked. CIMB is negotiating with the scammer instead of getting them arrested. She also tells my friend to call the scammer and negotiate with her.

Can you guys beat that. Is it the banks duty to negotiate with those who scam and commit fraud or are they suppose to get such people arrested.

Till todate, the police has done nothing, probably put the file away and neither has the bank done anything and have just asked my friend to negotiate with the scammer.

This friend of mine has another friends who mixes with some African/Nigerians and she was informed by him that the banks and the police are working hand in hand with the scammers as they are paid a commission, hence they money will never be refunded as neither will the police do anything nor will the bank.

Its almost a month now and there is no news from either. Why should the refund take so long, if the bank wants to negotiate with scammers, then they should request the scammer to provide evidence that the parcel containing all the stuff was delivered. If they cant provide such evidence there is no reason for the bank to hold the money.

It is obvious that the bank and police seem to be working hand in hand with scammers.

I'm writing this to create awareness among all Malaysians as to what is really happening and how bank staff are cheating customers and working hand in hand with scammers just for a mere commission.

For everyone’s information, all the other details of the scammers involved are as follows as they have many bank accounts and a whole group of them involved:-
1. Huzaidah binti Hussin
Public Bank a/c 4886411429
RHB a/c 1-12189-0016454-3
CIMB a/c 12510075365528

2. Julianah Binti Jaleel
Alliance Bank a/c 640960020020577

Contact Person involved in the scam claiming to be from Global Express Services:-
James Ruben 013-3260247
Michael Coleman 013-3260245
Benson White 013-2693782
Aini 013-8697255

I hope this letter will highlight to the authorities how important it is to ensure there are proper rules and regulations set out by the relevant bodies on how to deal with scammers immediately and not just keep pushing the buck. This is something important which affects all of us who are cheated of our hard earned money. These scammers have got no compassion for people who suffer to makes ends meet and they try to lure them with such deals. I know its stupid for anyone to believe such scams. But then again, there are many young people around who may not realize whats going on and take people at face value not realizing they are being cheated.

As a community, it is all our duty to ensure that all citizens are safeguarded from such unscrupulous people and action should be taken against such irresponsible bank staff who work with scammers and also the police who do absolutely nothing to get rid of these scum.

Anti Scam

After reading the above article, I googled Global Express Service Ltd and found another two articles written by victims:-

* Global Express Services Ltd. Don't be fooled or else you'll regret later Kota Kinabalu Malaysia Internet - Scam Fraud Alert

* Report: Courier Services A Scam (Global Express Services Ltd) - Rip-Off Report

This phony Global Express Services Ltd seems to be operating from two addresses:-
* Avon Valley Business Park, Nationwide, United Kingdom

* Block E, Ground Floor, Damai Point Commercial Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

What are CIMB Bank Berhad and Alliance Bank Malaysian Berhad doing about this? Are the banks really negotiating with the scammers?

Reading: CIMB in Cahoots With Scammers - Malaysia Today
Reading: Syndicate behind courier scams, warns Customs - Daily Express
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Blogger s.kuan said...

this is terrible.. but it's hard to believe someone fell for this lor. it's so obvious it's a scam.

02 October, 2008 10:48  
Blogger Kev said...

Darn... is this real? what the hell is happening to Malaysia & Malaysians? Apparently we can't trust anyone with our money anymore - not even banks! :(

02 October, 2008 17:30  
Blogger Va:L said...

hm...I have had bad experience with irresponsible banker also. Due to banker's own problem (exam), they applied leave, and my loan application was delayed. Therefore, the developer started to charge me interest. I made complaints, which was so helpless. Nobody care! The Public Bank HQ, to the branch manager. The branch manager called to apology, which still not bear the interest. And I have to still pay for it! KNN....

Then another case, the banker was "pakat" with my uncle's wife to cheat my grand parents' money. They let the lady to withdraw my grand parents fix deposit!!!! WTF!!!

02 October, 2008 23:02  
Blogger LifeRamblings said...

sadly, scammers continue to evolve as they continue to reinvent themselves and their awful tricks.

03 October, 2008 00:00  
Blogger SamSeiko said...

i really wonder if we give the details to the police will they catch them?

03 October, 2008 14:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my..that is so scary.. really a lot of scammer out there.. must be extra careful!

03 October, 2008 14:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what an expensive lesson..... Thanks for sharing it out! So how is your friend coping with this matter? Is she doing ok since she really did fall for the scammer.... I guess besides the money, she is also heart broken? I hope she is coping fine......

06 October, 2008 23:56  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kuan - unfortunately they can still find such victims anytime

kevin - its not so much of the bank per se but people who are working in it

min hui - public bank? i'm having that bank for my loan too. one thing - u need to follow up constantly and persistently, otherwise u will lose out

on the pakat thingy - sue them

lena - scammers are smart people so we have to be alert

elite - depends on which political party u support hehe

cbenc - we all need to

cazzy - not my friend, friend's friend's friend ..... lost count but still sad for this person

09 October, 2008 14:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh!! it terrible me also i got some e-mail from the guy like that too he send e-mail to me he will send some gift to me after 2 days he scan receitp and the package example under below:

"Hi My Love,I am sorry for my late reply, I was busy running around to make the necessary arrangemnt to send the items as I promised I called your line several times but couldn't connect. I was mad .

I have sent the parcel since on 5th November containing a new brand HP product lap top computer with a card,jeweries,rose flower, and the sum of 5,000 pounds sealed in the same computer pack to enable you settle some of your daily needs as after going through your mails, I can imagine how hard you could be working just alone to make a better life. Just accept this token from me.

Since I cannot send the money through western Union because the law of this Counrty, is that one cannot send money out of Bahamas here I had no option than to sealed the money in the same pack with a rose flower and all the above mentions items right in the same laptop pack.

From my inquiry the pack will arrive to its destination 3 to 4 days time .

Below attached is a picture of the pack containing the items so that you can identify it.

Please let me know when you receive the pack.

Dear you know my heart is open for you .This short moment we have met and talk together has been an elevation in my life so i willingly decide to share with you the joy I feel.

I will always be here for you. I have to go in a hurry now .I will contact you later.

With love from,

Mr.Smith Collins"

To me i can't believe who is never meet how he can send this gift to me i did't reply e-mail to him coz after i got this e-mail i check it all from website but i can't found this company "Global express services" am very glad i found some Report compalint Courier Services A Scam (Global Express Services Ltd)i know that it is lies he acting very nice telling that he in love with you then he would like send a gift to me like laptop and some gold jewery and rose flower.Here i would like to tell all the girls out there beware to all of this if you know someone on internet please don't trust them completely please make a police report or send this report to FBI.

I am very glad i know that before lose money..Extra be careful your self It IS TERRIBLE...

14 November, 2008 23:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anonymous - good thing u were aware of it much earlier

15 November, 2008 03:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,

I just came across your blog on "Malaysian Scammers Using Malaysian Banks without Fear". I understand what your friend's friend's friend is going through as I've been a victim of it too late last year in Dec. I wished I have come across your blog, but shit happens sometimes and we just have to accept it.

I appreciate your kind efforts in warning potential victims about the scam. But please do understand that your friend is not stupid, she was just unaware and unsuspecting. You could visit the site, and you will understand that these scammers are professionals. They work in groups of 5-6 people (or even more) and they have these scripts with them to tailor to their unsuspecting victims. These scripts are constantly being improved to perfection, and they go through psychological training in order to brainwash their victims and make them fall in love with them.

I'm not trying to defend myself or your friend, but it is very difficult for you guys to understand our predicament cos it seems such an obvious scam to 3rd parties, but not to the victims, cos we thought we were in love (I know, I know it sounds stupid). There were obvious red flags, but sometimes when your heart rules your head, we could do stupid things, which seems the right thing to do at that time. He told me he was send me laptop (yup, hp, I think they only know this brand), camera, jewellery, handbags, and 4,000 pounds.

I understand that this scams were reported in The Star in Dec 08, but there seems to be no law enforcement acting on it. You know what happens in this country, therefore, I didn't even bother reporting my case to the police. Plus, be it the police, bank officers, etc..... if their money is not involved, they are not bothered.

By the way, the courier company the scumbag scammer used was Elite Courier Service, which is a legitimate company in UK, they even have a website. It was unfortunate that the I only manage to contact the company after I have sent the money - as it was still a weekend at their side (The British guy muttered to me, "Ohhhhh, Malaysia, its a scam, don't send them any $$$" - but it was too late). Although I've bounced back pretty well, my finances are still suffering. I'm just writting to tell that the victims were not stupid, they are just unsuspecting. I just have to take it in my strike and tell myself that I've just got myself a very expensive lesson in life.

And I was just thinking, is there any way that I can get in touch with your friend, cos, I think she would be going through a very rough patch rite now- that is if she hasn't gotten over it. Or she can also join the romancescams group at Yahoo.

Wishing u a Prosperous & Happy Chinese New Year!

Best regards,
A Scam Survivor

20 January, 2009 19:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

these scammers seems to be more daring since there arent any action taken by neither our government or the bank. nobody seems to be bothered unless it hits them or their closest one? I mock the system of this country which doesnt protect us against all this things. They would only put it into record of such scams and then make a statistic of the rate of the happpening while real action is not taken.

In my case, the same thing happen.
This time they use a courier company by th ename of 'EMS speedpost' which, after i googled, is actually a Nigerian courier service. here is a copy of the email i receive from the scammers (who claimed to have sent me parcel) and another email from a woman claiming she worked with the ems branch in malaysia asking me for money.

My Lovely Heart,
I consider myself lucky as a man knowing you my heart.... I'm glad to find you as my love,cos love is something that is not common.... but with you I'm glad that is a new dawn of love for me.... I just went for a little window shopping and i got you some cool stuff which i know you deserve as the Jewell of my heart..... here is the list of items sent below.
2 Laptop
2 Digital Camera
2 IP Phone
3 Gold Chain
3 Wrist Watches
3 Handbags
5 Earings5 Scarfs
3 Perfumes
Meanwhile I have kept for you a little token of 50,000 pounds inside one of the Gucci hand bag, inside the parcel..... I want you to use this sum of amouth to get yourself a nice car and book for an hotel fourdays ahead before I come..... I really wanna be with you alone when I come.... get the car as fast as you can cos my vacation is this month ending , then keep the remaining money for our expenses during my stay with you. Furthermore, I sent your parcel as ( P & C ) private and confidential to you cos i dont want them to scan or screen the parcel...... so that you can get everything safe and the 50,000 pounds i kept inside the parcel which I never listed in the items sent... I cant wait to set my eyes on you and behold you my love.... missing and loving you..... Kisses And HugsRichards.


With reference to the above, please be informed that your consignment from Mr Young Richards, London, United Kingdom is due for delivery. The custom clearance fee of RM 3, 600 and has to be paid before delivery because your consignment has been kept confidential and unscanned. Please clear the outstanding payment in 3 working days to avoid Demurrage Fee of RM200 per day. The parcel will be delivered to your door step in the next 3 workings days after payment made. Please find the Airway Bill and Invoice in the attachment for your verification. Please bank in the payment into the account below :-

Name: Mohd Rizal Bin Mohd Zamri

Bank Name : CIMB Bank Berhad

A/C Number : 1244-0078020-52-4

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 0166168928 (sms only) or e-mail me at

Thank you for using our service. 'Always Reliable'

Best regards,
Aishah Bt. Bani Mirza
P&C Delivery Officer
P&C Delivery Department
EMS Speedpost P&C Warehouse

with the email from aishah, she attached together an invoice of the parcel delivery details together with the tracking number(by the way, it was clearly a hoaxed up document so poorly created.). but guess wat? the tracking number was not recognised by the real EMS speedpost website i found from google.

Thanks to the post by Johnny Ong that i can finally confirmed that this is a scam playing and i did not send any money to the them.

The Aishah did call me up again to ask for money. and i returned her email saying she can return the parcel to mr young as i cannot pay for it. no news from her since. as for the 'mr. Young' , he disappeared 1 day before the aishah called me for payment . making himself unavailable for me to ask from him money to pay for the clearance fee.
Now that i told her i couldnt pay.. he reappeared again asking me how i am and have i received my parcel... I said i was travelling and wasnt able to get the item. and ask him which courier service he is using to send the parcel.
ANY IDEAS FROM U GUYS I CAN GET BACK AT THEM? cos i am acting innocent in front of them and i think they still want the money from me.


03 February, 2009 10:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read this blog today.. It's happened to me a few days ago. I've already bank-in RM4750.00 for that stupid parcel. What should i do now?? Can anybody help me?

09 February, 2009 16:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny...
I just came across ur blog "Malaysian Scammers Using Malaysian Banks without Fear". Unfortunately,I knew this blog after i've already bank-in RM 12430 for the parcel.

Dear Anonymous, the same thing happen to me...the same message,same courier service, same cimb account, same person 'Aishah Bt. Bani Mirza & Mohd Rizal and everything is the same except the sender...

I did the police report. This case under investigation. These scammers are very smart. The number she used (016-6168982) is not in the Digi System...even Digi could not trace that number..they used the networking system. That is why they do not hesistate to receive any calls, only sms...but i was stupid at that time, i was excited to get the money.

Yea maybe we cannot get back our money, but i want these scammers spend their life in prison. To all of you, please make the police report. I'm sure the more reports u give, the police will take action...because the scammers do the same modus operandi....

Be strong guys...just believe in karma system "what they give, they get back the punishment"

15 February, 2009 20:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really good blog to tell all internet user don't too trust to new netfriend. Its happen to my friend last month. And I was try my best to forward this blog to all my friends. Every Bro & Sis here please do so to show everyone that you know. I don't hope this things happen again. PLEASE!!!

18 March, 2009 16:37  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anon - i'm not the author of the blog post. i'm only posting what had been written by anor person

anon - phew .....

zetty - sorry to hear that. police report is necessary so that they have some sort of records

anon - sorry to hear abt yr case but at least u did a police report

anon - yeah, just doin a bit of help

23 March, 2009 02:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for highlighting this. I think the scammers details, names, photos, email, phone etc deserved to be published so that others can avoid being conned by them again.

02 January, 2010 18:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Latest May 2010
I had covered my name and where im from, but the rest is as real as I've receive this mail.

I met this girl on , added her on Yahoo messenger. She claim to fall in love with me and etc. So she said she sent me a parcel. Need to clear customs so need to pay, this the email i receive.

Damn, they even have a website that u can login ur tracking number. But the site really seem fake

Damn lucky I really check it before doin anything stupid.

Jalan Tun Fuad, Tanjung Lipat
Locked bag 2005,
88617, Kota Kinobalu, Sabah
East Malaysia.
Tel: +60166054133, +60129249259.


I am Ms AISHAH from GLOBAL EXPRESS DELIVERY COURIER SERVICE, Regarding a package sent from MS EVELYN JAMES from United Kingdom has been check by the Malaysian customs now, as we told you the custom requested you to pay for the custom clearance/duty tax charges. To enable us clear the package from the custom office here and send this package to you immediately at your residence Address. Amount required for this Clearance charges is 2,200.00(RM) Malaysia Ringgit only. Your Sender did not pay for the clearance fee, He only pays for the delivery charges. Please try and get back to us, So We Can deliver to you your package today evening in your residence Address. Therefore you are required to make this payment with the bellow account of the financial secretary of the custom with the following Address.

Bank Name... Am Bank Berhad
Acct type.... Credit Card Account.

We suggest you make the payment the soonest possible time... Your parcel will be delivering to you in your stipulated address.
There is a Flight today going XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXX, Malaysia. by 4.30pm, so as you make your payment we Will clear it and send it to you today at your home Address.

(Global Express Delivery Agent)

11 May, 2010 22:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tel +63928317760 or 6390657798799

Tracking Number:79928312492

NUMBER: FXC-YH/D9/HYU (philippine)

Attn :Ms Rowena R. Blangura

Delivery Address:3/F Mc22 Mackay Bldg
Corner BMC Rd Panganiban
Drive Naga City 4400
With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your
notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian customs
for some reasons which happened to violate the shipping Policies. As the
goods arrived at the Malaysia custom check point, the Malaysian custom
detected that currencies were included in your parcel.
Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as customs duty via us which is
for the immediate clearance of your package .For the mean time, reference
of tracking on the status" of your package is pending, this is in
accordance to the mode of operations in the Express Cargo sector for
financial assets delivery. We have already taken order number for this
package from the custom. You are required to follow all instructions
giving to you to facilitate the release of your package. To do this, you
are required to pay the required charges listed below for the immediate
release of your package.

Upon confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your
designated address above under few hours.

Outstanding Charges:
Administrative ............................ $300
Clearance.................................. $181
TOTAL = ...................................$481

A total of $481(Four hundred and eighty one dollars) has been charged. In
to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as
stated above for the release of your package.

Thank you, as I hope I have made myself clear to you by this notice as
directed by the management.

For more enquires, please contact us

Our delivery Agency Malaysia +6010-8930771

Present your order number when calling so that we may honor your calls.
We are glad to be of service to you and thanks for your co-operation.
Best Regards

29 June, 2010 11:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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29 June, 2010 12:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I post this because I'm scared,Thanks To God our Almighty GOD,that i don't send money to the scammed.So sad to others that send money.

01 July, 2010 12:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was recently scammed by the Malaysians under the web site

I, unfortunately, lost a lot of money cause I did not doubt at all, that the guy was a scammer. I believe that the scammer and the guy who pretends to be in love with me is the SAME PERSON. I only realise it when I start having doubts about it. They both called me on the same number, a mistake which happened from their sides. It is stupid that we can be scammed like this but when you are personally in this situation, and not aware of the scammers, you can't even for a minute think that the guy is a scammer. Everything was very well planned. Phone calls to my family, fixing engagement date and bla bla bla. The notice document was verified here by the local courrier and confirm that everything is legal. So, trusted the guy and sent the money. I reported the case to the police who never called me. I also reported and posted the case to the ICT. I finally request for a copy of his passport to make him believe that our legal authorities are requesting for this document to send further money. Since that day, they all disappeared. Never heard of them again. After, I continuously receiving scam emails everyday. They have all my personal details and I had to advise all my creditors, now not sure if the bank will take action or not. They seem not to bother about scammers either.
It's horrible to hear that the police and the banks are supporting the scammers. ONE ADVICE, WHOEVER REQUESTS YOU MONEY, NEVER SEND IT. once you make one payment, even though a very small amount, you have failed, cause they would make everything to push you to several payments. The guy name is MOHAMMED ALLAN, and the malaysian custom name is AHMED. Phone numbER: +60108930771 / +60108930771 / +10162704014. Please be very careful on the dating and any social network sites. They are posted everwhere on these sites and scam so many people per day. By their accent, I truly believe they are Africans.
To create awareness, PLEASE Do not send money to any one whom you have never seen face to face.
They will also use your personal contacts to commit further theft. This is called IDENTITY THEFT. Please let's try to do something to stop those guys. If the police and the legal authorities are not doing their job properly, we can at least save the innocent ones by creating awareness....


Anti Scam.

23 July, 2010 16:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


+60163878217 MALAYSIA
+4407031813799 UK

PAYMENT 1 AUG,2,2010
payment for detecting money in parcel

destination; MALAYSIA
receiver: EDO HARRY

PAYMENT 2 AUG. 3, 2010

destination; MALAYSIA
receiver: EDO HARRY

PAYMENT 3 AUG 7, 2010


PAYMENT 4 AUG 9,2010


after taking all of that money, the site just shut down.

26 August, 2010 02:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god, i was so so stupid, lost all my money, the same adress, the same mails, the same false promises!!!
i wan't to start a new live with this fictive british man, leave my husband and my country, oh no, why i'm so stupid in the age of 46.
I'm so ashamed, nobody can really know how ashamed i am, today in the morning i send my last mail to this criminal, get my last mail from "Airsealogistics", should pay and pay and pay, but the worst of all, i lost my heart to a criminal...

today is the 20th of september 2010, these criminals still operating, i only can hope, my husband never hear about all, because i would lost everything i have

THIS IS A WARNING: please, don't be so stupid as i am!

20 September, 2010 15:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad to say, im the latest victim. sent 482USD. May God bless them...same email. they courier :(

22 October, 2010 21:48  
Blogger makweatan said...

I recently chatted with a guy so convincingly said he's in love with me and wants to marry me. I suddenly felt so curious about this guy but I kept texting and chatting with him. Then, I searched his offices'phone number and found out that it belongs to a scammer..( What made me more curious of this guy that he wanted me to keep his money because his ship were in trouble.(He claimed that he is an US engineer working on the British cargo ship.) He even sent me the delivery bills and after that, i got this email below on Tuesday, 23/11/2010:

Lot 619-623 jalan Padungan,beside pubilc bank,
Top Foor Kuching,Sarawak,93100,
Phone +60162508148
fax +60103451832



Your Attention: XXXXXXXXX

It is our pleasure to notify you that your consignment has just arrived from the southern part of america which is Santo in Brazil to our security company here in Kuching Malaysia, we hereby require you to urgently forward to us through email attachment any of the following, scan copy of your I.C or working ID card for verification purpose and to enable us transfer your consignment to your given address or account within 24 hours.

For your reference,you have a Malaysia local tax and vat bills to pay for the clearance before we carry out your delivery to your given address. The Amount is G.P.B 249 pounds which is Rm 1,240 (One Thousand Two hundred and Fourty ringgit malaysia). You are hereby advised to make the payment to the Account officer, and forward back to the company through email attachment scan copy of the payment slip for record purpose.

The account information are as follows.
CIMB BANK: 12840004748523

ADDRESS:Lot 619-623 Jalan Padungan,
beside public bank,Top floor Kuching,
Sarawak Malaysia.

Mr. Maxwell Kennedy.

Analysis : See all those misspelled words...

There's no Contract Links Organization Asia found in the internet.

I even traced the IP was in Sunnyvale, US..not somewhere in South America where he claimed he was.

I'm almost trapped in this scam game but..luckily, I don't really trust this guy and all his fairy tales. I definitely won't pay the money.

But, believe me. this guy was very good in acting...I was almost fall for him. hahhaa...Now, I'm ignoring his sms and messages and calls..and thinking of changing my number..I hope nothing will happen as I've given him my home address...

And, i got his messages on

So, please be careful u guys out there...

24 November, 2010 13:57  
Anonymous Ayurvedic Liver Treatment said...

Very true these things have been in news even now.

27 March, 2011 15:38  
Anonymous xtine said...

i just want to know if this is scam?Dear Valued Customer.

This is to inform you that we encounter an international “luggage holding” on our delivering map-reading to your country. Due to the huge amount of money discovered in your luggage which is against the international government shipping policy. As to avoid international drugs traffics and money laundering. The Royal Custom of Malaysia demanded an international clearance charge of: “460 USD” as to save your luggage for being confiscated. This clearance is to cover a legal transportation from Malaysia to your address as registered by the sender.

Our management hereby advised that you kindly make an immediate payment through western union for immediate release of your luggage. This we as well enable us deliver your luggage today to your registered address. Ensure that you use the following name and address for your payment.




Please at once you make your payment kindly scan your payment slip and send to us by email: EXPRESS2U@POST.COM and be rest assured that as soon as your payment is confirm our delivering officer will be delivering your luggage to your home address.

We look forward to your understand and fast corporation. While we work around the clock, dedicated to giving the latest updates, solutions, costing, and advice to all our customers ensuring that we offer our the customers the very best service available. Thank you!



28 March, 2011 14:35  
Anonymous xtine said...

Hello how are you doing? Honey when I glance through your message I try to understand them word by word and I felt deep down in my heart that you are there talking to me. Smile and the thought of you being around me just came into my mind and I felt this cool kind of feelings that want through my body, honey do you feel the same??? I really have this surprise for you but I guest that I need to show you this as to enable you understand that I am serious with you.

Please regarding the items that I am sending you, it’s a free will gift of love from my heart as to appreciate your kind of person. The attached fills are pictures of the items that I am sending you. this is to update you regarding to what you will be receiving. I am send it by first thing tomorrow being 26th before my trip.

Inside the mercury box inside I have deposited a little cash {=52000 GBP=} for your up keeping and to arrange things before my coming. Do not forget inside the box as well there are hard-copes of my document which has the court seal on it, as an approval of our union legality which we need to submit to your local court for final approval when I am there with you.

I love you and I am keeping my promise that the rest of my life will be for you and me. for now you take care with many kisses and hugs I love you.



2 Images | View Slideshow | Download Selected | Download All

(42KB) FOR WIFE 2.jpg

28 March, 2011 14:37  
Blogger miya said...

I found this web by off chance and this web site save my life.
I met the guy on line with face book.
And he asked me to get marry me after wards he try to get some money from me
but this web save me realized thank you for wake me up

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The guy who was sending me a mail Bobby White is still face book

I need to stop him for these happen please somebody tell me how to stop

26 September, 2011 20:57  
Blogger miya said...

I found this web and it made me realized.
i met this guy on line with face book.
He ask me to marry after that he ask me a lot of money to send which i didn't because this web

his name is Bobby White
He works in london in the sip company
Their bank is RHB BANK
He is still on face book
i need to stop him but i don't know how
please somebody help me to stop these guy to happen

26 September, 2011 21:10  

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