Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plenty to Think About for Renovation

New house should be ready by Dec '08 or Jan '09. By then the housing developer will deliver the vacant possession letter to allow me to occupy the house. Give and take, hopefully one to two months to rectify whatever defects not done properly in constructing the house. That will be end Feb '09 or early Mar '09.

Need to apply to the City Hall Council for the need to obtain a permit before the commencement of the renovation. That may take two weeks (I heard and if everything is smooth).

I'm already cracking my head on how to decorate up the house, where to put the respective furnitures, how to light up the house, what sort of cabinets be it for the rooms or kitchen and the most important is the matching of colours throughout the whole house.

Yesterday was on leave and settled some documents with my financier and hopped on to my new house with a contractor, husband and wife team (the wife seems to be very good with her interior ideas). Told / explained on how I wanted to renovate ...... don't know whether they are going to have a good laugh after we went our separate ways ...... haha. Did I make sense to them?

How did I paint my dream house to them? It's all hard works by reading many magazines in the last few months.

The problem now is after reading soooooooo many of these magazines, I'm still quite confused. Reason is - each time you flip through a magazine, you'll be fascinated with a particular design or setting and you'll tell your brain to scan that and keep it in memory.

Few days later, you see another good design and thought it would be good to have this and now my brain has two designs for the same spot .......... it went on and on. Headache! Headache! Headache!

Those are the tags which I have placed on relevant pages which have captured my brain. Now, how am I going to put all of this into only one house.

Now you can imagine what I have told the contractor. I gave many options with money as the main factor. Told them not to build something fit for a king when the finance comes from a servant.

With the world financial market crumbling one by one, would it be safer to spend it and get a nice place to live in. How much to spend for a house renovation? What should be done now and which one that can be deferred? Headache! Headache! Headache!

There was once I gathered a number of recommendations for interior designers or contractors from friends. Haven't called any of them but will do so any time now. Get all of them to meet at the new house and tell once and for all????

The thought of getting so many quotes will also put me in a quandary. How to tell them "Thanks for your quotation but I think I'm getting another person to do it".

Waaaaaah, initially you pressed for the best price and then opt for someone else ............. this is the business world and the best shall win ...... not necessary the one with the lowest pricing.

With this list (plus four more at hand), I should be getting at least ten quotations. Good enough or too many?

Now, whom to choose and based on what? Headache! Headache! Headache!

Did drop by at Goodrich at Sri Hartamas which has lots of wallpaper selections. Confused as well.

Anyone of you used their materials before? Recommended?

A big piece of wallpaper measuring 9' by 9' will cost you RM2,000 plus. I was shocked indeed but it was a nice piece ......... should I? Headache! Headache! Headache!

Just when you thought buying a new house is so easy. Buy, settle loan, house ready then move in with current furnishings. My my my .......
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phew, my nightmares are over!! Having to reno & deco my mini apartment is enough to make me into insomnia for 2 months and i lost weight too! Serious, i just could not sleep well, as much as i have tried, my mind went picturing the kitchen, the living room, what colours, what sofa, what concept, etc.....
Selecting furnitures could be another big headache.... I bought a sofa, delivered, within an hour i dumped it inside the guest room and went hunting for another one on the same day itself!!
For your house, i assume easily RM80 - RM100K. My friend just renovated hers for RM68K. *sweat*

If you need good contact for kitchen cab, i have one here who did mine and a few of my friends, all happy satisfied customers.

See mine at

16 October, 2008 16:02  
Blogger Ketam said...

or check the Ikea catalogue.

16 October, 2008 23:02  
Blogger Va:L said...

I did mine, and I quite like mine. First of all, I calculated my budget, then only I start to do reality check on what can I do with it. Then I did it to match my life style, my habit, and I got it really as what I WISH. And practical is very important.

17 October, 2008 00:27  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

i know what u mean. went through all that end of last year. Phew!

At the end, since we couldn't get all the thousand and one designs we wanted into one small home, we adopted a minimalist attitude instead (cabinets, shower screens, grill, alarm, etc. only) and deferred all other designs until we have a better feel of the home and know what fit and what doesn't.

Good luck!!

17 October, 2008 00:37  
Blogger Same said...

Greetings from Cuba. You can visit my websites:

17 October, 2008 01:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yepp, I've been to Goodrich. I spent only about 15 minutes in there. Worst service ever. Also, the price put me off. Wayyy too expensive.

What I did was, I improvised. I painted my own feature wall by myself using rag/sponging technique to achieve a textured look. Saved meself a few hundred/thousand bucks ;)

17 October, 2008 01:49  
Blogger eiling lim said...

do whatever you feel comfortable and practical of course. Don't forget about maintenance too. that'll give you a big headache.

17 October, 2008 09:03  
Blogger Ted said...

My house will probably be ready end of this month or next month and I haven't started thinking of all this yet...

17 October, 2008 16:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - i'm picturing too .... seeing too many examples now, every picture is in a mess now hahaha ....... i think i'm sweating more after seeing those figures ...... must u remind me?

ketam - don't really fancy ikea cabinets but their other stuff that compliments the house will be good

val - yeah, have to think of that lifestyle, habit, practical ...... thanks

blackie - u went thinner as well like cazzy? the problem is which one is the minimalist hahaha .... i shld be crying instead

same - wow, thanks for the visit mate ........ all the way from central america

whimsical - which centre? the price is no doubt expensive as they need to recover the amount for sponsoring amber chia hehe. creative mind u have there.

eiling - ahhhhhh maintenance. yeah, no garden, no water flowing from here to anywhere .... no fish aquarium ....... what else? no toilets?

ted - ahhhhhhhh maybe we can share info on all the stuff especially after you have suffered hehehe

18 October, 2008 02:31  
Blogger bZbee said...

stop buying and browsing home decor magazines...choose one and don't let it go...then get it done...after completing then you can continue browsing again..of course with a little regret...hahahaha

20 October, 2008 15:01  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

bzbee - the problem with one magazine is that we didn't see what we want .... hahaha .... ended up buying as many to see the one we like most

20 October, 2008 16:08  
Blogger wallpapersdeco said...

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09 November, 2009 13:51  

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