Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rich Sudanese's Property

On the way to a meeting, we noticed a mobile concrete pump vehicle was pumping wet concrete up to the 2nd floor of a building that is being constructed nearby our home.

They could be constructing a low rise flat there but to use a concrete pump vehicle is really exclusive.

It is really costly in hiring such vehicle. That must be a rich Sudanese's property. Of course it's much faster by employing such vehicle as the pumping rate is so much faster compared to bringing the wet concrete up to the designated floor by human strength.

If the construction was done properly without any delay, money saved in using concrete pumps far outweighs the cost of hiring the pump.

In the city itself, lots of low rise flats or apartments are being constructed to meet the influx of foreigners. It's not cheap renting a flat or apartment that normally comes semi-furnished, ranging from US$2,000 to US$4,000 per month. And you need to pay one year of rental in advance. Unless you are good in negotiation, you could request for six months rental instead.

I got myself a mobile phone line under Zain Prepaid. Cost me 10 Sudanese Pound that comes with a free 5 Sudanese Pound calling time.



Blogger Jason Law said...

Are you working in Sudan now?You have been staying there for quite a long time :)... It's interesting to explore other country and experience the life over there

02 December, 2008 07:37  
Blogger TZ said...

Dude, my prepaid phone is Zain prepaid too in Uganda :-p Looks like Zain is a big telco company in East Africa eh! :-p

02 December, 2008 08:47  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jason - yeah, right here in sudan. been here in and out for 4 years now. something different when you are in a different continent, mindset, lifestyle and weather

tz - oh ok, didn't know that

03 December, 2008 05:03  

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