Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sudanese Friend's Wedding

We were supposed to go for a dinner on Thursday night at a hotel, invited by a Sudanese. We thought it was one of those Hari Raya Haji celebration dinner again. Off we went. Upon arrival, the security at the hotel entrance told us that the hotel was closed for a wedding. Huh????? We tried calling that guy but he wasn't answering his phone.

We made another call to his friend and this fella told us that it was Abdullah's (the person who so-called invited us to a dinner but didn't say it was his big day) wedding at the hotel that we weren't allowed to enter. Goodness, what a trick he played on us.

Eventually we told the security that we are also the guests and we parked within the hotel compound as we were early (around 9pm plus).

In Sudan, all weddings that I have attend thus far or seen are held at open field and surrounded with gigantic cloth being put round the whole function area. The entrance to the wedding was decorated with colourful lightings.

When we entered, some of the guests were already dancing to the tune of the music that was played by a live band that comprise of a trumpet, trombones, drum, rymthmic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and violins. This is considered a high class wedding in Sudan context.

The arrival of the king and queen for the day.

Food was served and each guest will be given a plate only. It's not a eight course dinner that comes in eight different big dishes but all-in-one plate here.

I was fortunate to have gotten a drumstick, a piece of mutton, a piece of bread, two rolls of small croissant style bread, two pieces of dates, a small chunk of white cheese, a piece of sweetened biscuit and soggy crackers.

The classic was ........ you are given a bottle of Pepsi. Yes, it was in a bottle. You won't get to see it in Kuala Lumpur nowadays.

We were seated waaaaaaaaaay behind the main stage.

Good thing they have put up LCD TVs around the place so we could witness what was going on waaaaaaaaaay in front.

Then, from 10pm onwards, the king / queen for the day came near to the live band and danced till 11pm. As everyone was leaving, we only went up to greet / congrats the king. He was definitely happy to have three foreigners attending his wedding.

As I'm the only chinese fella around, people will tend to stare ....... giving the curiosity look and asking "Who's this fella?".
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Blogger Jason Law said...

oh, Most of the wedding dinners are open air? Different culture... I recently received a mail regarding the bottled Pepsi, warned us not to drink it..

14 December, 2008 11:24  
Blogger penyapubaru said...

suddenly hungry for sudan food ...heheh...

14 December, 2008 21:12  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

wow... nice experience to attend local wedding... especially the way, food and drink served..

14 December, 2008 23:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did u give "ang pau" or not?
I am kind of like the bottle drink, u can't find this bottle drink in Malaysia now but quite a good memories when see this stuff in countries like Thailand & Indonesia...
You only got one plate of food?:P), haha!

14 December, 2008 23:48  
Blogger Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

The food looks kinda sad, but then again, Sudan isn't Malaysia. At least you experienced a different custom! And we got to see the pics ;)

15 December, 2008 14:25  
Blogger foongpc said...

So you must be the thorn among the roses, eh? Haha! Must be nice to experience a different culture : )

15 December, 2008 14:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jason - yeah, open air. only those mega rich will hold their weddings in either the pullman hotel, rotana hotel, holiday villa hotel or burj al-fateh (these are higher class hotels) which will cost minimum US$20,000 at least

penyapu - haha ..... some dishes are nice though

wanwan - yeah, u are given when u arrive so u don't need to worry abt missing yr meal

daniel - not required to give (don't have such tradition) as the host will bear all expenses but of course gifts are welcome. food wise - not enuf la hehe

gorgeous eve - yeah, can't compare on what they serve

foong - went with 2 colleagues as well. lots of people,a mixture ladies/men, young/old

16 December, 2008 23:44  

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